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I haven't done role playing in the traditional sense but I really enjoyed what the DH wrote.

Just sit right down and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful night
That started when the clock struck eight
with the dimming of the light.

Well I was a mighty gaming man,
My spouse was brave and sure.
Some buddies joined the table round
For three hours or four, three hours or four.

No keyboard, mouse or video screen,
Not a single luxury,
Like Arneson and Gygax
Twas primitive as could be.

The adventure began on the outskirts of this uncharted haunted ruin
With Bob the gnome,
The wizard too,
A holy man and a thief,
A minstrel bard,
Some cheese puffs and Mountain Dew,
Here at the table round!

The adventure started plain and pure
with goblins, orcs, and gnolls
A cavern that was filled with gold
and then we found the trolls...

[sound of lots of dice hitting the table]

The adventure started getting rough,
as we delved the dungeon deep
then Bob was turned to a popsicle
as the frost dragon woke from sleep

The grandfather clock chimed one then two,
As Bob started to defrost.
If not for the case of Mountain Dew
The adventure would be lost, the adventure would be lost.

The gnome named Bob and the wizard too,
along with all the rest,
swore to stay 'til break of day,
to prove they were the best.

So this is the tale of the table round,
They played for a long, long time,
Adventures, tales, and snacks and laughs
a great way to unwind

They join us here each week to play,
where no worldly cares are found,
We are diehard roleplayers,
Here at the table round!
Shared with permission
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Day at KD )
6.5 hours
1 meal
1 snack
2 non-coaster rides
12 roller coaster rides
so doing something every 24 minutes. That includes bathroom breaks, water breaks and walking from point A to point B. If you assume that we spent 1.5 hours at lunch (probably not unreasonable) and .5 hours at the snack (again not unreasonable) and at least .5 hours doing the bathroom/water fountain routines that drops it to something every 17 minutes ... including walking through queues, loading, riding, and unloading. Pretty amazing day.

We hit a nice Chinese place on the way home and enjoyed the $1 large drinks at a McD's in the same parking lot for the rest of the drive. I listened to music and DH slept. We got home around 9 (long dinner stop), puttered around and went to bed.
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I am moving over here. I am planning to continue reading at the other site because there is a lot there that I like. I am interested in help with doing some things and I'm hoping someone here can help.

1) How do I set up an RSS? I have been reading Elizabeth Moon's blog posts (Paksworld and Universes) elsewhere having set up the RSS over there. I've also been enjoying the notalwayswrite that someone else had set up.
2) Those of you who have been actively over here longer, any suggestions?
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I have a friend who needs to find a nursing home that will accept a violent patient NOW. It also needs to be reasonably priced since the patient doesn't have insurance. Comment here, email me at blueeowyn @ livejournal [dot] com or my usual email address if you know it.


Jan. 1st, 2011 09:00 am
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Java and I have been playing some new to us board games so I wanted to start a post about the games we play (new to use and ones we are familiar with) and our impressions of them. This is going to be moved every year to the current January so I can find it. Unless otherwise marked, we own the game discussed.

Board Games numbers-A-C )
Board Games D-K )
L-P )
Q-S )
T-Z )
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A friend of mine is walking in a National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk. She is doing it because a dear friend of hers has a nasty kidney disease. I am posting here (with her permission) in memory of Betsy, Jim, and Pete. All three of them died with kidney failure (and the complications that produces). As those of you who read my journal know, I have a LOT of reasons for wanting kidney disease to be treated.

I know that many of you donate to many causes and neither I nor my friend will be offended if this isn't an option for you.
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My Aunt Betsy passed away this morning. We got the phone call on our way to Ren Fest. Betsy has been very ill for some time (she was on dialysis for around 10 years). She had a litany of physical challenges which were getting worse and spent most of the time this summer going in and out of the hospital and rehab.

In many ways she was the closest of my aunts and uncles. When I was a very young child my mother was ill and I spent the summer at Betsy's house. She claimed I was the easiest child to take care of, get me up, feed me, put me on the horse, take me down, feed me, put me down for a nap, wake me up, put me on the horse, take me down, feed me, put me to bed. I remember one of her friends wondering where she had been hiding her daughter all these years. We always had a connection, partially through the horses and partially through our looks. I looked more like her than I look like my mother. As I got older, I looked more like her and in 1985 Mom & I went to Florida to visit and there exists a picture of me with Betsy and her horse and it is hard to tell who is who in the picture (well, aside from the horse). As more time went by, it became more strange for me to look so much like her because when I would see her it was like looking through a time-warp mirror at myself if I made some really bad choices in my life.

More Thoughts )
For those of you who saw me today and saw the post last night, thank you for not bringing it up. I got through the day (most people on site didn't realize there was anything wrong) and held it together until after Pub Sing. Remember to love those around you, take care of the planet and your loved ones (and listen to the doctors when they tell you stuff). Also, if you see me on the streets this weekend, please don't bring this up, backstage is OK.

May the peace of the oceans sing her to her final rest and may she truly rest in peace.

Goodbye Aunt Betsy, I'm glad your passage was peaceful, may you be reunited with your brothers and your pets in whatever afterlife there may be.

Rest in peace.
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My aunt Betsy is not doing well, is in a rehab facility and has been in and out of the hospital a lot recently and there is talk of a permanent nursing home. So there is a good chance that we will need to find a home for her two dogs. Java and I can't take them due to our schedules and lack of fenced yard. I have not met the dogs.

Below is a slight rewrite I received from Orkney about the dogs. They are currently in Florida but could possibly be shipped/driven somewhere else if a good home was in the offing. When Betsy was at home they were house and outside dogs but now they're outside.

Morgan is something over seven and is a part black lab who looks the part. He has never overcome his shyness dating back to some bad care before Betsy had him. When Orkney and her husband were down a couple of weeks ago thye went by to see the dogs and check on a couple of things at the house and Morgan came to the gate to see who was there buy hung back a bit. They had "cookies" with them and he came to Orkney for one and then to her husband. She told him he was being silly in hanging back and was able to give him some good body rubs, which he enjoyed. His tail was wagging slowly-- Betsy said that only in the past year has he wagged at all.

Frazier is two or three and is a greyhound/chocolate lab mix. He's gorgeous--a small, chocolate greyhound. He's taller and more streamlined than Morgan and is a happy puppy with very nice manners--- no jumping up on people.

If you know of anyone who would give them a good home, please email me ( will work).
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Another one of the gentle giants has passed to the greener pastures. Keely will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her. I have a weakness for Clydesdales and Keely was a special one. She was one of the few of the fairer sex to joust at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I treasure the honor I had of meeting her at her home several years ago and getting an opportunity to spend time with her and her herd-sister grooming them and scritching them and getting them ready for their knights. Whenever they came to the festival I always made a point of saying hi to them and they both allowed me the honor.

Keely was the first of the girls to come to the festival. She was young and a bit impetuous her first year and while there wasn't a mean bone in her body, there was a lot of spunk. Don Martino Fernandez handled her well and she learned the ropes well. As she became more experienced at being a joust horse and gained some maturity her skills increased and she became quite a formidable horse to joust against and it was always wonderful watching her perform. Fast, strong, and bold was Keely. She passed away earlier this week with her owner with her and all who knew her are grieving for the loss of such a wonderful horse.

She was beautiful, powerful, graceful, spirited, bold and the epitome of the gentle giant while being the impressive warhorse. Charge on Keely! May your pastures be green, your lists true, and your love appreciated.

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Poor Maple

Feb. 9th, 2010 11:54 am
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We have a Japanese Maple in our front yard and the recent big snow did some damange. Javasaurus took a couple of pictures and they are behind the cut. I am seeking advice from LJ. It is really cold so there shouldn't be too much sap (or bugs) and we hope that will help.

One of the larger branches has been ripped off the trunk (still attached by the proverbial string but I'm not expecting it to survive the storm coming today). There is another branch that is damaged but not torn off.

So, what can we do to help the tree survive the insult? We know that the one branch is toast (unsure about the second branch but after today's snow it may be gone as well) but worry about the scar and how to protect the tree. It is a lovely tree and we would love to keep it healthy and happy.

Ideas? Suggestions? Questions? This is public so feel free to point others to it who might have experience in this area.

photos )
blueeowyn: (Oh No) - brilliant satire about why Gays Shouldn't Marry (and disproving the point of course).
blueeowyn: (Bleak) - more states allow marriage between first cousins than allow gay marriages. Now, given that a lot of the wingnuts charming people who feel that gays should not be allowed to marry are trotting out the whole "marriage is about having children and raising them in a family environment" argument, this really bothers me. Having first cousins have children is potentially a bad idea from a genetic viewpoint and is (in my opinion) a little creepy.
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A friend of mine who works in the funeral industry recently posted something that I think really needs to be spread. So, I am propagating the idea (those of you who read her may recognize some of it). Most of this is fairly stream of consciousness so it may be unclear. However the gist of it is "don't disrespect who I am OR those who I leave behind who may be hurting"

Your Funeral )
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As many of you know, I have been a fan of Peter, Paul & Mary for many years ... basically as long as I can remember. Growing up my sire's stereo was off-limits in a Big Way because it was his toy and us kids might damage it. I remember playing the album "Moving" (Side A) with such wonderful songs as Gone The Rainbow, Pretty Mary, Puff, The Magic Dragon, and This Land Is Your Land. The music, words and images moved me.

Years later, I saw the reunion concert on PBS (and taped it ... I think I still have that VHS tape somewhere) and truly fell in love with them again. The feeling of unity, respect, and love among the three of them and the passion for music and their causes was palpable.

Then several years after that, I got to see them live at Wolf Trap and the magic of singing along with them (and a few thousand fans) was priceless for me. Ever since then, when they came through, I would go and see them. We heard from her about her granddaughter and she pulled out a picture to see ... a large poster. We heard about her garden, her love and respect for Peter & Noel Paul (and Dick Kniss). We heard about her leukemia, the treatments and her recovery. When I saw them listed on the Schedule for this year I knew I had to see them again ... as you may recall, I did see Peter & Noel Paul, but by then Mary was too sick to perform. I knew then that she was dying even though the boys tried to not say it. Peter talked about the projects he was looking forward to working with her on. ( is my very short review of the concert ... when I saw the rainbow it almost felt like a goodbye from her to her fans.

While I never had the honor of meeting Mary in person; she did impact me in ways similar to John Denver. I mourn our collective loss and wish strength to her family (both chosen and biological). I hope that her passing was as gentle as possible and that if there is an afterlife she gets to sing with John and others who have gone before her.

A strong woman who used her brains and her talent to try to make the world a better place for us all. Who made us laugh and made us cry. Who let us into her life a little bit and we were better for the experience. Who stood up for justice (Have You Gone To Jail For Justice); who pushed people to rethink their positions; who supported such other crucial people as Martin Luther King, Jr..

She had an opportunity to play on a large stage and used it well; she was true to herself and her beliefs and through the strength of those beliefs and the constancy that she (and the group) shared; encouraged others to think in ways that they had not before.

Mary, may the voice you gave remain blowing in the wind for all of us for years.
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Thank you everyone who completed Java's survey. Tonight and tomorrow he'll be analyzing the data using SAS, as part of a class he's taking.
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Survey for [ profile] javasaurus's statistics class project

He is taking a couple of Stats classes. Homework for one class this week he is supposed to collect anonymous responses to 3 questons about the government + 2 demographic questions. He then gets to play with getting the data into SAS and analyzing it. So, if you are willing please take the VERY fast survey.
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There is a meme going around that says

    No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick.

    If you agree, please post this in all your social networking accounts.

Personally, I would modify it. No one should die because they cannot afford reasonable health care and no one should go broke because they get sick. No one should be forced to live against their wishes; no one should be forced to suffer for little gain and the medical profession should focus on quality of life before all else.
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Orkney has a request. What are the good types of Soy Milk? She has been told that one brand is good and rest are not as good. So, preferences for brands (and descriptions) appreciated. This is for 2 lactose intolerant people.
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[ profile] whimmydiddle posted an entry that caught my eye. Since several of you on my friendslist either know [ profile] turnberryknkn or at least know someone who has dealt with cancer, I figured I would pass it on. Whimmydiddle has given me permission to link.

Basically Miss Virginia has gotten permission (?!?!?!) to shave her head if she raises $500,000 in donations. is an article from the Washington Post about it.

St. Baldricks Foundation ( is a fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer Research (Turnberryknkn's focus) where people will shave their heads (in honor of people who lose hair to Chemo) to raise the money. "The mission of St. Baldrick's Foundation is to raise awareness and funds to cure kids' cancer by supporting cancer research and fellowships." - is the link to Miss Virginia's donation page.
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A friend was talking about a meme that she put on her FB that sounded amusing and she gave me permission to post it here.

What are some of the worst songs for the bride & groom to use as their "first dance" song? Why is it a poor choice?
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On my last entry I did the "best and worst pictures I have seen" and that isn't a fair assessment. Some of the so-called Best Pictures were not good movies (in my opinion; your mileage will probably vary). And some of the Razzie winners I think are good (and like Acroyear70, I wonder why in the world some weren't listed).

undserving Best Pictures )

undeserving Razzies )


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