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Adopt one today! - I need this to mature so I can keep or release it, I really don't want it to die.


Nov. 15th, 2008 01:03 pm
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I organized a group to see Cirque du Soleil's Kooza last weekend. It is the latest in a long line of Cirque shows that I have seen in person. The first being Nouvelle Experience in Fall 1991.

Overall, it felt more like a return to some of what Cirque was with some new twists. I liked the show but it didn't move to the top tier in the way that Varekai and Corteo vaulted over Dralion.

more detailed thoughts, possible spoilers )

All in all a good show, very fun, and I am very glad I went. However, I don't think I liked it enough to see it again in March.
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4 Years ago, we had an election. In my world that day will remain a black spot on the calendar for many years to come. Things were done to interfer with the election. I got to spend 3.5 hours in the "tasteful little chapel" in order to vote. Bush got re-elected and I truly believe that was a bad thing for my country. I hope that this year goes better and that the storm of anger and grief I still feel for many things that happened on that day will eventually abate.

May all the powers that may be help us all.

Fest 2008

Aug. 18th, 2008 06:17 pm
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Hey, an actual post. Well, more of a Public Service Announcement.

For anyone going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, a few words of wisdom and some requests. Most people who read my blog don't need these reminders but if you know of others going to the festival; a few requests/hints aren't amiss.

1) Stay hydrated.
2) Obey the speed limits on the gravel road
3) Drive on the road as much as you can (i.e. don't go cutting through the grass).
4) Lock the door to the privy when you are using it.
5) See if there is a green indicator on a privy, if it is green, go on in (you may want to knock first).
6) Wear sunscreen
7) Keep yourself fed
8) If you are going to drink alcohol, have a designated driver AND have someone keep an eye on you (the heat can do weird things to some people when you add booze to the mix)
9) If you have small children, keep a hold of them. It is a large place with a lot of people. Kids can vanish very quickly if you don't keep a hold of them. "Oooh, pretty butterfly/costume/etc." There are changing tables near the privies, do not use the picnic tables. If your kid is having a melt-down; please don't stay in the seating area for a show.
10) If you (or anyone in your party) has issues with language, deep topics, bawdy humor, etc.. ask before going to see a PG-13 show. Remember that a lot of this is based on History. History isn't always pretty or all fun and games.

General Show Stuff
Most of this is just good manners and thinking about where you are and what is going on around you. If you go to a show and are near the front, sit down. Turn your cell phone/watch/pager/etc. OFF. Keep any children under control. If you have a sun shade, either put it in your lap OR sit in the back of the audience so that other people can see too. If you run into your best friend and want to catch up, find a place in the pathway to chat, go get something to eat and snag a table.

Please don't smoke in the seating areas (I think they have signs in all the seating areas except the joust and we would really rather not have you smoke there as well). If you must smoke, make sure your tobacco is thoroughly out before disposing of it properly. Also, be aware of what is around you (I hate getting cigarette burns in my clothes and I'm sure that parents would rather not have your cigarette in their kids eye ... yes I have seen a few close calls and not just at the festival).

Joust Specific Stuff
If you go to the joust, please stay back from the railing. Keep your children back from the railing. Back is defined as no closer than the first row of benches. If you are sitting in the front row, please do not put your feet on the bottom rail (or if you have to do that, please be aware of people who need to come through and put them down ... sometimes we need to get through fairly quickly. Do not put your baby carriage (whether or not it is occupied) up against the fence.

If you are at the end of the list by the Market Stage, please do NOT sit on the ground. You can stand at the top of the hill (defined as behind the back of the top row of benches on either side).

If you know the knights real names, please don't call them by it during the joust. If you happen to know the horses names, please, please PLEASE don't call them during the joust. These jousts are real (i.e. we don't script that sir so-and-so will come off on the 5th pass; we don't know the score, we don't know who will win though we can sometimes make a good guess). That means that everyone associated with the joust needs to pay attention. We have 5 horses at around 1 ton each on the field for every joust. They are well trained and used to most of the stuff around a joust, but they ARE horses and can react like horses so we (cheerleaders, squires, knights, etc.) need to be aware of what is going on.

If a tip comes out into the audience, it is not an illusion. Also, the jousters need it back.

If you have questions about the joust, there are 2 of us who do Q&A before most jousts and are usually available after the joust (myself and Sir Barchan). This is to ask us about the joust, not the right time to ask about mundane stuff. I have some time to visit with people but when I am 'on stage'; I need to do my job.

Pub Sing
It is a show, please respect it. There are rules about keeping entrances/exits clear. Please respect them and obey. This is NOT a show for children (esp. ones that are tired and cranky at the end of the day and all they want to do is sleep ... if you keep them up, they scream). It tends to be PG, PG-13 and frequently has mature humor, lots of drunks in the audience, and sometimes a bit on the gross side.

Thank you
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Talks about President Bush and his plan to take another step towards banning/severely restricting birth control, education, and the right for a couple to choose if/when to have a child (vs. forcing everyone to a full term pregnancy no matter what the cost for expressing their love in a heterosexual fashion.

I admit to not having taken the time to read everything thoroughly but since this is the same administration that wants official health dept. documents to imply if not out and out state that condoms aren't worth anything for STD prevention AND the same administration that wants to 'protect marriage' by impinging on it AND the same administration that wants to ban abortions entirely, it doesn't surprise me one whit. Does this piss me off? HELL YES but it does not surprise me. has some more links does as well (some are repeats)
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Next year's theme is "Individual in History", there are some topics that I expect to be VERY popular:
Elizabeth I
Henry VIII
Malcom X
Rosa Parks
Dalai Lama
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Susan B. Anthony

Other Ideas? )

Gas Hogs

Apr. 21st, 2008 06:38 pm
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Gas prices are really out of control. Last summer the highest we paid was only a little higher than the current prices and prices usually rise in the summer because of demand. As the commercials say a lot of the cost of gas is the cost of the crude oil to make the gas (though the other 30% is a combination of % of sale profit for the company, local owners, shipping, and everyone's favorite taxes of assorted types). Now the % of sale price is a problem (as opposed to the taxes which are $x/gal ... and where the 2.999 comes from).

Why is crude high? Details )
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No, I am NOT pregnant though given how queasy I have been recently, I have a lot of sympathy for those who are ... yes, I am quite sure that the queasy has nothing to do with reproductive status ... clariton isn't a cure for morning sickness but it helps my allergy related nausea on a regular basis throughout the year.

However, a number of people I know are either expecting their first, trying for their first, or in the case of one person close to me; expected to start trying for kidlet number 1 this summer and I know that y'all have some good ideas and experience. In the case of certain people; from what I have seen/heard; your parenting skills are fabulous. One couple (the one I suspect will start trying later this summer) will have a fair amount of advice from family members, unfortunately the success of said family members is debatable on some aspects of child rearing. Given that I don't have a child therefore 'couldn't possibly have any idea of anything,' having more experienced words may be helpful.

So, some of the things that have either come up in discussion with friends in the past, have come up with my SIL, have popped up in LJ, etc.. that I suspect that many of you may have opinions on are:
Basic Supplies
Basic Preparation
Basic Guidelines

More Detailed Questions )
I am serious; there are enough people around me who are likely to use this info; please share as much as you are comfortable doing. Anonymous comments are still screened but if you prefer to be anonymous; I can understand that, it just may take longer for the comment to show up.
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Today is 'Super Tuesday' a day when 24 states have primary elections. If yours is one of the states with a primary today, VOTE (preferably after thinking about what the candidates stand for). By the end of today 1380 of 2368 delegates to the GOP (I think the Dem will be slightly lower because of the harsher penalties) will be chosen (58%). I'm sure that all the voters outside of the Super Tuesday and caucus states feel as special as I do in choosing my candidate. In both races people have dropped out (and will probably drop out after today) that I may have wanted to vote for and can't. I am firmly of the opinion that A) all primaries should be the same day B) that all the polls should open and close on the schedule (Greenwich Mean Time) so that the people on the west coast (and farther) can have a say in who gets elected. Granted, it may be rough in Alaska and Hawaii but even if it were only the continental US that would be good. At the very least NO district should formally announce their results until all polls in that race have been closed.

breakdown by state of dates )
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This week was the 35th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision by the Supreme Court. This was a landmark decision and the anti-abortionists have been doing everything they can to erode it and eventually overturn it. Why oh why would they do that? Because so many of the anti-abortionists believe that abortion is such a horrible thing that it should never ever ever be allowed (to be frank, they sometimes sound like slightly saner versions of the no gay marriage contingent). I get it that they see it as a sin. However, it isn't a sin for everyone based on that person's belief structure (if you want to start legislating against things that are a sin for any religious group; we can say good-bye to BBQ ribs, cheeseburgers, shrimp cocktail, and plan to fast during Ramadan, keep strict kosher, etc.. I don't see that happening in this country too soon.

Now, I would love to see abortions be a rare thing. my logic )

Abortions should be RARE but when they are performed they need to be SAFE, legal, and respectful. Any woman who feels that she must have an abortion has enough issues that she is dealing with. Having random people spit on her is NOT a good thing (and that doesn't even talk about the women who are going to clinics to get pre-natal care and WANT their child but have to be preached to and reviled by the masses.
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Yanked from several places: Because we don't always know each other the way we think we do.
Because we never really know each other as well as we think, in response to this post I'd like you to ask a question. Anything about which you are curious, anything you feel you ought to know about me. Silly, serious, personal, fannish. Ask away. Then copy this to your own journal, and see what people don't know about you.

I reserve the right to answer in personal email. :)

I'm screening comments so if I don't know your personal email (i.e. if it isn't user@LJ or one you KNOW I know; you can put it here. If you want your question unscreened (and it isn't too vulger) I will. I'm also not limiting it to one question. I do reserve the right to answer but not id the original person who asked the question.

Which reminds me, in a similar one about a year ago (truth or dare type one) if it was true that I reacted positively when I was told that the person was unable to procreate. Since I don't think I had ever gotten that information; that is NOT true.
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To paraphrase Sherman Potter on M*A*S*H* "To 2008, may she be a damn sight better than the last one and bring us peace."

This was a rough year. I am still behind on some write-ups (big surprise there) but plan to post the year entry today if possible. I am very grateful for my friends, husband, family, and pets; my (mostly good) health, my boss; and my opportunities. In 2008 could do with dealing with fewer Drama Lamas, having the residue hitting the fan, idiots of all types and a lot less cancer and death. *sigh*


Dec. 31st, 2007 11:10 pm
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2007 in LJ - some of the entries are locked (friend AND custom) will be back-dated to 12/31 later.
Year in Review (sectioned by topic) )
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Even though I am writing this in 2008, I will be backdating it later to 2007 where it properly belongs, hence the tags.
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Javasaurus has posted so I am linking to his LJ

I will be posting more later but we need to head home to sleep. I am very behind on LJ. Your thoughts and understanding of us and for us for the last few months have been invaluable.
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Several posts are in the mental queue but with work and being sick, I don't have the time/energy to do much posting. However, in the interests of catharcism, here I go.

What part of I don't know wasn't clear? )

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Dec. 17th, 2007 11:07 am
blueeowyn: (Default) - article in Inside Higher Education titled "Creationist College Advances in Texas"

I'm sure that Acroyear70 will have comments but I worry that they will receive at least state accreditation which is scary enough. Given that the regional accreditation board is under review (though it won't be decided right away, they should receive national approval, the delay is mostly technical and timing).
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In the 1980s, Dede met a horse, a American Saddlebred Chestnut Overo gelding named "Color of Money" aka Cash aka Cashman. Yesterday, the grand old man's time on this planet came to an end.

Cash )
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Over a year ago, I had an email exchange with a friend. In part I wrote "Are you planning to [share your LJ login with your spouse]? ... I am sorry if [my comments] caused you stress. I have deleted all of my comments in your LJ since the first of the month. I am willing to go back [further] if you wish."

status of the friendship )
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