Feb. 27th, 2010

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Another one of the gentle giants has passed to the greener pastures. Keely will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her. I have a weakness for Clydesdales and Keely was a special one. She was one of the few of the fairer sex to joust at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I treasure the honor I had of meeting her at her home several years ago and getting an opportunity to spend time with her and her herd-sister grooming them and scritching them and getting them ready for their knights. Whenever they came to the festival I always made a point of saying hi to them and they both allowed me the honor.

Keely was the first of the girls to come to the festival. She was young and a bit impetuous her first year and while there wasn't a mean bone in her body, there was a lot of spunk. Don Martino Fernandez handled her well and she learned the ropes well. As she became more experienced at being a joust horse and gained some maturity her skills increased and she became quite a formidable horse to joust against and it was always wonderful watching her perform. Fast, strong, and bold was Keely. She passed away earlier this week with her owner with her and all who knew her are grieving for the loss of such a wonderful horse.

She was beautiful, powerful, graceful, spirited, bold and the epitome of the gentle giant while being the impressive warhorse. Charge on Keely! May your pastures be green, your lists true, and your love appreciated.

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