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Final Weekend

For a while it seemed like it would never come (both good and bad) and now it is over. The leaves have turned as has the wheel of time and Revel Grove has again faded away into the mists of time to re-appear 9 months hence with a new life and vigor all its own. I have been privileged to have a minor part in so many wondrous things this season and see so many others. They will probably show up in other posts.

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The festival is over, the seasons are changing, time continues moving forward and the winds of fate blow through the village. I do wonder who will be there next year, who will not. Who will be playing what roles. What major changes will occur in the off-season. The love and friendship that we share for those short weeks is a web of respect, love, and outright silliness. Peace be upon all the revelers of the grove; may the sons o f fortune shine upon you all, until we meet again. May it be in this life and not the next, for I do not want to wait that long to see many of you again. The bridge to the otherside should remain uncrossed by those who are not ready to go. If any of you should need to shuffle off this mortal coil, may you go easily into the night with peace and quiet.

My respect for you all is immense and I hope that my help has aided you this year and that we may meet and make merry again soon. Working with you has helped me to grow as a perfomer and I think as a person. Good night and joy be with you all.
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Ren Fest, Weekend 7
Rain, mud, romance, drunks. That sums up the weekend.

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I think one of my favorite lines from the weekend was QueenMaggie talking about "Splashengestech" jousting.
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I appreciate that term. Yes, it is Oktoberfest weekend but it seems like a large number of the visitors to the village are imbibing an impressive amount of alcohol without buffering it with sufficient food, water, and time. *sigh*

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Argh ye land lubbers, we sailed through the Piratical Weekend at the festival.

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Weekend 4

Sep. 22nd, 2005 11:26 pm
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Well, this weekend was Scottish Weekend at the festival.
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Still behind but I'm working on it.

Tourney weekend at the Faire )
Tired and sore but happy at the end of the weekend ... not looking forward to getting up on Tuesday morning! Mom and Pete saw the jousts and had a good day at the festival and got to meet some of the people I work with. I don't know if they will be back this season but getting in free for seniors day is good (and using my comps opening weekend).

After dropping off my squire friend at the metro Saturday, I headed to Six Flags on the way home. 4 rides in a row on Wild One. *ahhh* Java and I had gone on Friday night and done some on Wild One and 1 on Superman (I wish that they would have the SAME usable length of seatbelt on each seat on that ride ... side to side, car to car they are not equal. Grrrr to that yahoo who cost us all some comfort in riding).
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OK, so it is a little late. But the proverbial better late than never.

Overall it was a good weekend. Tiring but pleasing. This entry will include some stuff prior to the weekend.

Opening Weekend )

I did get to see the result of a brilliant prank. [ profile] thatliardesmond set up the Rat Catcher telling him that he should do The Aristocrats as his joke or at least pretend to do it. He then told the Entertainment Director that Emrys was going to do it and as luck would have it, she was NOT in the pub when Emrys started the joke, so Jack Rackham took a poll on whether or not Emrys would do a really dirty joke. The point of the joke is to describe something really wrong and/or disgusting and/or lewd etc. and then to title it The Aristocrats. Since Emrys wasn't planning to do it; he didn't have a full version ready and had to wing it at the PG-13 status of Pub Sing. Snicker.


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