Dec. 31st, 2007 11:10 pm
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2007 in LJ - some of the entries are locked (friend AND custom) will be back-dated to 12/31 later.
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This year, I decided it made more sense (and a lot simpler for me) to do the Year Entry in January instead of August. I will be (eventually) moving the other entries as well. As usual, some are locked some are public. This entry is mostly for me but I am willing to share.

2006 in LJ )
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Year 3 of LJ in review. I try to put each year's top interesting posts in a single post to make finding them easier for me (yes, I know the tags could do it but this is better for me for now). Some of the entries are locked to friends only.

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I had suggested to [livejournal.com profile] xpioti that she do one post a year that summarizes her life in LiveJournal. Following my own advice, this is my memory post of the 1st year of LJ for me. I started LJ on 8/12/02 so I am going through 8/12/03 (next year I will start with 8/15/03). The post is late (very late) but in my own defense, it kept being eaten by the computer(s) I tried to do it on. I finally had the sense to do it in SimpleText then move it over.

In summary, I am considered rather insane. In the 1 year covered by this entry I did the following:


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