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Even though I am writing this in 2008, I will be backdating it later to 2007 where it properly belongs, hence the tags.
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This is primarily a stream of consciousness (or at least semi-consciousness) ... mostly getting stuff out of my system.
State of my mind ... not so good, very dark, depressing, and gloomy ... you have been warned )
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I have not read much LJ but I needed to get some of this off my chest.
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To all of my friends, may the powers that be put some cheer into your lives, even while you work through the pain of this thing called life. Those of you who are not currently affected by this stuff; take care of and support those who are. Remember that just listening may be the greatest gift of all.
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I've been pretty quiet recently and fairly busy. So, a quick catch-up.

housework, movies, garden, zyozia, and barn - oh my )


Feb. 12th, 2007 12:16 pm
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Friday night caught us watching some DVDs and keeping an eye on Pooh as we tried his "Elizabethan-Type" collar on him. It won't work in its current form (he can't jump up or down without catching it on things) so [ profile] javasaurus is going to see about sizing one a bit differently. Since Pooh will be wearing this for 2 weeks, it has to be reasonably comfortable and safe. *sigh*

Saturday saw us getting some stuff done around the house. We then went to see Pan's Labyrinth. Very well done movie (technically). Some very nice effects. Very VERY disturbing characters in places. Java then went to run some errands while I went to a co-workers house for movie night where we saw Failure to Launch which was more enjoyable (and had more depth) than I expected. I was a bit miffed at the main character's friends and the end for some of what they did but all in all an enjoyable evening.

Sunday was more laid back. We watched some Skijoring which looked like a lot of fun (if you can ski), then some Buffy over breakfast (yes, I am horribly behind, I have only seen 1 3/4 seasons of the Buff), then a special on Tai Shan's first year (can we say AWWWwwww) which I am lucky to have caught, it seems to be the last showing of it. Then it was up to the barn to vist Ms. Echo and give her a massage (which she enjoyed) and goodies. Then back home to watch You're the One that I Want (I really like some of the guys as Danny) with Andrew Lloyd Webber as a guest judge, 7th with Pizza, and then bed.

For those who might be interested they are selling DVDs of some of the shows focused on the National Zoo - Kandula (baby Asian Elephant) - Meet the Pandas (Mei and Tian) - Baby Panda's First Year (Tai) - A Panda Is Born (Tai)


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