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Talks about President Bush and his plan to take another step towards banning/severely restricting birth control, education, and the right for a couple to choose if/when to have a child (vs. forcing everyone to a full term pregnancy no matter what the cost for expressing their love in a heterosexual fashion.

I admit to not having taken the time to read everything thoroughly but since this is the same administration that wants official health dept. documents to imply if not out and out state that condoms aren't worth anything for STD prevention AND the same administration that wants to 'protect marriage' by impinging on it AND the same administration that wants to ban abortions entirely, it doesn't surprise me one whit. Does this piss me off? HELL YES but it does not surprise me. has some more links does as well (some are repeats)
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Today is 'Super Tuesday' a day when 24 states have primary elections. If yours is one of the states with a primary today, VOTE (preferably after thinking about what the candidates stand for). By the end of today 1380 of 2368 delegates to the GOP (I think the Dem will be slightly lower because of the harsher penalties) will be chosen (58%). I'm sure that all the voters outside of the Super Tuesday and caucus states feel as special as I do in choosing my candidate. In both races people have dropped out (and will probably drop out after today) that I may have wanted to vote for and can't. I am firmly of the opinion that A) all primaries should be the same day B) that all the polls should open and close on the schedule (Greenwich Mean Time) so that the people on the west coast (and farther) can have a say in who gets elected. Granted, it may be rough in Alaska and Hawaii but even if it were only the continental US that would be good. At the very least NO district should formally announce their results until all polls in that race have been closed.

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