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I haven't done role playing in the traditional sense but I really enjoyed what the DH wrote.

Just sit right down and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful night
That started when the clock struck eight
with the dimming of the light.

Well I was a mighty gaming man,
My spouse was brave and sure.
Some buddies joined the table round
For three hours or four, three hours or four.

No keyboard, mouse or video screen,
Not a single luxury,
Like Arneson and Gygax
Twas primitive as could be.

The adventure began on the outskirts of this uncharted haunted ruin
With Bob the gnome,
The wizard too,
A holy man and a thief,
A minstrel bard,
Some cheese puffs and Mountain Dew,
Here at the table round!

The adventure started plain and pure
with goblins, orcs, and gnolls
A cavern that was filled with gold
and then we found the trolls...

[sound of lots of dice hitting the table]

The adventure started getting rough,
as we delved the dungeon deep
then Bob was turned to a popsicle
as the frost dragon woke from sleep

The grandfather clock chimed one then two,
As Bob started to defrost.
If not for the case of Mountain Dew
The adventure would be lost, the adventure would be lost.

The gnome named Bob and the wizard too,
along with all the rest,
swore to stay 'til break of day,
to prove they were the best.

So this is the tale of the table round,
They played for a long, long time,
Adventures, tales, and snacks and laughs
a great way to unwind

They join us here each week to play,
where no worldly cares are found,
We are diehard roleplayers,
Here at the table round!
Shared with permission
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So, we get to the Festival at around 8:45 this morning (driving separately but we still show up at the same time due to traffic I hit that he didn't). I had figured Diane (who is one of the ones who helped us get together in the first place) would notice me wearing the ring. WRONG. I lace a bunch of people in and no one notices. The suspense is starting to get to me. Eventually I head up to cast call, check in with Chuck, and I lace in Diane and Kelley. Still no one notices. Chris sits down next to Diane and sort of mimes asking me if we should just make an announcement at cast call (NO) or if she had noticed. He finally 'tells' me that I have to show her.

So, I put my right arm around her (I'm sitting behind her) and put my left hand in front of her, lean over and say something to the effect of "good morning, miss not very observant". She FINALLY sees it and squeals. It was rather cool. She wanted to know the when & where of the question. We figure we are going to be GRILLED at the weekly dinner.

I then head to the stomping grounds because Kelley wants to clean up a few things. I see Chris walking by and talking with Anne about their daily fight and I want to tell her. So I go bouncing over to them and am working on my braids. This produces a lot of left hand movement, Anne doesn't see it. So, she starts to head to the Privy, and I say can you wait a minute, she says she really needs to go, I say please and put up my hand. Talk about honing in on a target. So, we let her go to the privy looking a bit stunned. I'm working on putting my hair up and Cyd comes up behind me and grabs my hand ("um, Cyd? I kinda need that hand right now"). Anne had told her that she had to see me and wanted to know if it was for real. [I found out later that she had asked Chris down at the costume house and he said that Cyd should go talk to me].

I told Debs and she just about pulled my arm off bouncing up and down. MaryAnn gave me permission to wear the ring today (I asked "I know this is above my station, but can I please wear this today" and that is how she found out). One person noticed while I was standing around waiting to talk to Debs & MaryAnn. One person noticed during the morning dance. I told Larry so he took me to show Paula. Then the gossips started spreading. Michelle then Chuck & Ceil accosted me while I was walking Darcy back to Pyrate Camp (I was going to tell her in the camp), I did tell the other Pyrates when we made it to camp. Several people found out at the 2:00 joust and/or Chess Game and wanted to see it. (Apparently Chris said he felt naked without rings so Diane chimed in that I seemed to be wearing a VERY NICE ring). Scott hadn't heard until I was talking to someone else about it. Chris told Carolyn just before she left for the day. I told Barchan when he was walking back after putting up the horses for the night.

People seem to be happy for us/pleased which is nice. In some ways, the cast is sort of like family (not close family, but family). Everyone wants to know if we have set a date, or a time-frame. Quite frankly, until the festival ends, I don't think we will have TIME to do a lot of planning (though I expect to get a lot of non-subtle shoves from Irim in that regard, esp. since she apparently knew he was going to ask about a week before I knew).

Tomorrow we may have Diane make an announcement at Cast Call for anyone who hasn't heard yet.
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OK, so that should have been the title of the previous one.

I wore the ring to work. Originally (before the question), I was planning to go to work, finish the final part of the survey for MHEC, take the data disk to Annapolis, and go to 6 Flags with Mom. Well, number one, it is too cold to go play in the water (76F). Number 2, we need to tell the parents. So, I'll be going to Chris' parents house for dinner tonight and will go visit Mom first and tell her and Pete.

Sharon was the first person at work to notice the ring (after we had been working together on MHEC for about 2 hours). So I told her about it (yes, it is significant, etc.). About 2:00, Michelle comes and is giving everyone some Hershey Kisses(tm) and notices the ring. She comments on it (fairly loudly, getting louder as what it means came out) and people start appearing at my cube. I think Jessica (who was walking by was 2nd, followed by Nehama, Dan, Kyland, and Amita, but I could be getting confused). Later, I am back in Sharon's office and Bill is getting ready to leave. Nehama walks by and sees the ring again and gets Bill to tell him (I had decided I wasn't going to show it off or announce anything until after I had told Mom).

So, it is decided that Mom & I will go to Watkins to ride the Carousel there (a really nice one). So, I get to her house and am playing with Da Boys and she notices nothing. Now, this is the first time in around 15 years she has seen me wearing a ring. *sigh* After we ride the Carousel and we are in line for the train, Pete asks why I am going to dinner at Chris parents' house. So I show the hand. Mom is thrilled and is glad that I didn't let him get away. She also says that he (Chris) can't escape her now.

So, I head to meet Chris so we can go to dinner at his parents. Now his sister already knew he was going to ask me (she commented when he picked out the ring) but didn't know what the final ring looked like OR what my answer was. We had no idea who was going to be there. David & Sylvia (his parents) were there and we got dinner, had a nice visit and neither of them noticed the ring. To me it looks huge, but this is me and jewelry. Chris is trying to show pix from Knoebels so he can bring it up and Sylvia is cooking to get ready for the trip they are going on.

Eventually Andrea (the sister) and her husband show up. She looks FOR the ring and Chris moves my hand so it is THERE. David sees it and says "Sylvia, you better come look" she looks and still doesn't see it. I'm about dying of laughter at this point. She finally sees it and is happy. She has Chris call his brother & sister-in-law, and his grandmother. I call my sister and we finally get out of there at around 11:00pm

We never did get back to that shop where Chris was looking at the Carousel Music CD & tapes and I was looking at shirts. I wonder if they mail-order stuff.

In some ways it still doesn't seem real, in other ways wonderfully so. Tomorrow Ren Fest and that group.
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We rode Phoenix a few more times. Chris said that we would have time for one more ride before heading to the Carousel, but that ride was from the last seat and it was (to say the least) a little on the rough side. So, we rode it again (2nd seat) and it was smooth, fast, and LOTS of sweet air. YES! We then booked over to the Carousel (I was a little disoriented but we got there). There are two entrances to the carousel and we were first in line at one of them, and I was thinking about riding the King Horse and seeing if I could do better on the rings than earlier (I had whiffed on a few, but only a few).

Chris sort of steered me from behind to beyond the King Horse and said that he wanted to ride a Chariot. I thought that a bit bizarre, but since he apparently hadn't ever ridden one (or at least not that he could remember) and neither had I, it sounded like fun. So we are sitting there, on one of the chariots kinda swaying to the music of the band organ as the Carousel spins in the night. They set out the ring machine and we keep going around, then Chris asks me if I would like to catch a ring. I say "Sure" without really thinking, then I notice he is reaching down, and I realize what he might. mean. And he hands me a box and asks if I wi ll marry him.

Oh my goodness. Wow. What a wonderful surprise (and yes, I was surprised), what a beautiful ring (and it fits, I couldn't have told you my ring size and he picks one out that Fits?). I love this guy. I (of course say yes) and w e are smiling like two love-sick puppies and I am admiring the ring and the feeling of "we are engaged" "he asked me to marry him". WOW

As we get off the ride, one of the ride-ops (who has been there all day) sort of looked at me, seemed to look at my hand, look at me & smile. Granted, it could be all in my head, but it was neat. Once outside the ride, he asked (almost unbelievingly, "will you really marry me?/did you really say yes?". I of course said, "Yes, I want to marry you". We rode the caro usel again (on horses getting rings) before wandering slowly out of the park, hand-in-hand. Sort of (OK, completely) giddy.

Wow. Chris asked me to marry him.

We are engaged.

He isn't my "boyfriend" anymore, he is my fiance'.


How do I put up ab out 15 emotions at once? I am amazed, thrilled, excited, shocked, happy, giddy, thankful, in love, stunned, happy ....



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