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The results are in. It was an amazing experience (big surprise there ... NOT!). They have posted the finalists in each category, outstanding entries by state, etc..

It is truly amazing the breadth of topics that you can encounter.
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Well, I am done with my part of the National History Fair. It was (as always amazing). They had Ken Burns come and speak to the kids on Sunday and Richard Gere was there today doing dramatic readings and a speech (no, I didn't get to go to either of those). The theme was Triumph and Tragedy in History.
some of the topics I saw ... but didn't necessarily judge )
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I got my assignments for State History Fair
I captain the 1st round for Senior Group Doc (group 1)
I am on the team for Senior Group Exhibit Run-off

I have 1 hour 20 minutes between the two in order to get my group to rank all of our entries, score them, write comments and inhale lunch. Fortunately, I LOVE history Fair.
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I just got my preliminary judging assignment for county. I get Exhibits (I have sent an email asking Jr or Sr and Grp or Indv). So sometime in the next couple of weeks, I'll pound through the requirements for this year (having done Triumph and Tragedy it should be relatively simple).

Of course, getting up early enough to be at the judging site at 7:45am on a Saturday (during the World Figure Skating Championships) is going to be painful it will be worth it.


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