Jan. 1st, 2011 09:00 am
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Java and I have been playing some new to us board games so I wanted to start a post about the games we play (new to use and ones we are familiar with) and our impressions of them. This is going to be moved every year to the current January so I can find it. Unless otherwise marked, we own the game discussed.

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Java and I are toying with the idea of buying some games. So, comments/suggestions welcome (ok blatantly begged for).

I have heard a lot about Final Fantasy and we can get most of them for PS. Thoughts?

[Edit] We have the PS1 and have discussed a PS2 but the store near us had them for more than Java wants to play and most of the gaming we do together is PC so I doubt we will get one of those anytime soon but arguments for (and against) are welcome.

We are also looking for games we can play together. We do play World of Warcraft as pairs but a lot of the adventures are set up for larger groups and don't play well as a pair. So, ideas/suggestions on games that we can play on a LAN? I tend to prefer to not shoot people with guns (yes, I am weird but it bothers me, k?). My vision tends to make nit-picking games a bit challenging (ok, frustrating as all get out). I like puzzles (I love Roller Coaster Tycoon). I enjoy WoW. I am really bad at Civ (I got eliminated on the tutorial version). I love what I have played of Ultima IV and VII (need to get back to that at some point in my copious spare time). We have a pair of PCs but one of them is a few years old so the games that require the so called "latest and greatest" won't work.

[Edit] Looking for games that we can gang up on monsters (rather than beating up each other), have a story line, reasonable graphics, reasonable fun, good playability.

PC games that can play on the older PC (specs in comments) are good or games that play on PS, PS2 (PS3 is rediculously expensive, esp. when you include the game prices). While a Mac for home would be nice, for compatability reasons and software that is PC only (and my experience with emulators is pretty ugly), those aren't really options.

Yes, I am opening it up, anonymous comments screened as always.


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