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OK, now we get to the non-joust portions of the weekend. The melancholy, the joy, the laughter, the tears, the colors, the songs, smells, and friends. The 2006 season of the festival has passed. It was a good one.

Weekend 9 )

Mental Pictures of the weekend (in no particular order) - Jack Rackham singing behind the Jack-O-Lantern. The pile of my friends sitting on each others laps with great amusement and glee in the front row of the pub. The setting sun casting its beams of lights through the changing leaves and dustmotes. Being surrounded by death and using that to affirm our connection with those who have passed. The look of amazement on a patron's face when they realize that yes, we are directing traffic for the privy line. The look of love in Java's face and the power of his arms around me. The longing and joy and love in Jack's wife sitting on the stairs at Pub Sing that last night. The glee of friends as they dance together. The pride of the joust horses as they strut in the gates. The eagerness of a child as they behold the wonder that is Revel Grove.

Later that week, we lost one of our own. The man who made the beautiful mugs that I drink from passed away. They were able to hold a memorial on site for him (which I was not able to make). We raise to him the parting glass and think upon the days of wonder that we have shared.

here's my hand my trusty firends and gie me a hand o thine, we'll drink a right good willie wought to our days in Revel Grove.
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This weekend was big enough that it gets two entries. This one is focused on the jousting. The one later is everything else. The joust was impressive, the horses magnificent, and my friend Barchan did very well considering everything. It was a good year, I did well with my cheering, I got to know a couple of people better and I think that I have earned a little respect from the Free Lancers (or at least am viewed as less of a pest).

Charge On! )

The end has come, I won't see the main ride off between Henry and William. I think I have a pretty good feel for who is where in the pack but I don't know because the scores are announced at some jousts but not others (and revised if necessary upon review of the videos). I cheer again as the knights exit and join the group in "God Bless the Knights in the Order of Revel Grove" (even if I can't hear the dias saying it).

The thunder of the hooves is silenced for the year, the dinner plate holes in the ground are filling in. May the knights and their steeds have a good winter and come back hale, hearty and whole of heart, mind, soul, and body to joust upon these fields again.

Week Eight

Oct. 17th, 2006 08:45 pm
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The 8th Weekend aka Are We There Yet?
ramblings on weekend 8 )

Mental Pictures
The smile on SM-Js face as she went across the village. The look of concern replaced by amusement when I asked her for a simple favor (it is simple but important to me). The feeling of the pub during 8 bells and Auld Lang Syne. The "And?" look on a certain Belgian draft's face when being used as a very effective wall. The kids watching the Morris dancing. The squeal of laughter from Java when he found my gift. The look on Shirley U Jest's face when the Itsy Bitsy Jester's Hat came up her back.
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Weekend 7 aka "300 cubits by 50 by 30 all that just to keep dry?" (the Rainbow Express)

Squishy Details )

Positive/Fun Memory pictures of the weekend. Dash's face when the COLD sword went up his kilt a little bit. Manny all dressed up in greenery. Queen Margaret's face when Jack was burping along to Scotland the Brave. SM_J's face when she got some NICE bunny-backside. The view of the court coming up to the gate from inside the gate. The image of the Princess and the King doing the Scrunching up their faces REEEAALL tight and loving every minute of it. The look on Java's face when he asked me to look at a mug. Don Martino trying to be Sir Edward and forgetting the BFA.
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memories of the 6th weekend )

There have been various people commenting in various places about the festival. I have noticed this year that there have been several times where I snap a mental picture of the moment. One at the joust (I don't remember who was jousting) where I could see the bow of the lance and it sort of freeze-framed in my head. The shaft of light coming down on Pyratelady singing the Boatman. The brilliant blue eyes of William Teller as he bids me "until we meet again' at morning dance for the last time this season. The icy blue eyes of one of the Hengrave people as we danced. The look of sheer comfort and trust in Faireraven's face as she leaned against Acroyear70 while playing the fiddle. The enthusiasm of Apolloniansidhe when his side won the joust. The smirk of recognition from Sparowe when I mutter "hubba-hubba" under my breathe when Java is announced at the joust. The "See, aren't a handsome and good boy?" look in a certain Shire's eyes while waiting for his knight to get set for the next charge. The feeling of the pub during 8 bells (when the drunk ratio is something sane).

The hug from a friend. The purr of pleasure when I give someone a quick scratch. The light motes dancing in the breeze. The quiet thank you from someone I have helped. The wonder of a child when they see exactly how big the horses are ... or see a fiddle being played. The fabulous comfort of a bite of food that hits the spot. The look of shock and happiness when I say "Good Morrow" to someone or sometimes when I tell them of a show they really want to see but didn't know was here. Having a conversation with Captain Romero where I try to tell him that while I know many do fear him for he is a fearsome person, I do not because I know he would never strike a lady or do anything to harm me without hurting the good Captain's feelings because I am not sufficiently scared. These are all magic. Yes, there are things that aren't as magical, but there are many things to love and appreciate.
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Well, we made it to the half-way point.
hot, humid, busy; rather disjointed )

Some of the things that have happened that I have not remembered to put into the correct week but deserve being mentioned are:

  • Pyratelady's new music on the instrumental portion of Mist Covered Mountains
  • Channeling both Acroyear70 AND Faireraven in the same evening (Faireraven's face when she saw me with her husband's expression was priceless
  • Interesting discussions with people back stage (one will be a separate LJ entry)
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Weekend 4 of the 2006 Season aka enough with the rain already.

details )
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The short version is it was hot, humid, painful, moving, fun, and frustrating.
The long version )
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A bit late and rather brief because I really don't feel good.
details )
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aka Deal With It Please

Friday I scored two new pairs of shoes for Fest for under $40. WOOT! As it turns out, I need them badly. Also got some new tights (thinner than I am used to but only $15 and no tax on any of it).

Weekend the First )
1 down - 8 to go.
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I meant to post this on Friday but things got a little out of control. Here is the 2006 edition of shows to see at the MD Ren Fest. I had the opportunity to see these in rehearsal.

  1. Midsummer Night's Dream (noon - Globe) - not my favorite Shakespeare play (but not my least favorite either) but a fabulous production. Bottom is NOT to be missed. Many of the director's ideas struck me as fabulous.
  2. The Jousts (12,2,4,6 - Joust Arena) - men on 2000lbs of magnificent horseflesh trying to knock each other off. What isn't to like?
  3. The Children's Shows (10:30 - Gatehouse) - 3 different plays in rotation.
    • For the first 3 weekends the show is "Here Be Dragons" which hasn't been done in several years. Very funny script, some of the original cast but some newer people as well. Good energy, good staging, fun show.
    • The 2nd one is "Princess Who Never Laughed" which was done last year and the year before (it is the one I stage managed last year). Slightly different cast but still a cute and fun show (aside from thinking too much).
    • The 3rd one is "Little Red Riding Hood" which I haven't seen for several years (and the last one I saw I think was the 'after-hours PG-18 version' so I can't really comment on it. I do remember thinking it a fun show when I saw it.

  4. Chess Game (3:30 - Joust Arena) - in my opinion, this is one of the best Chess Games we have had recently. I love most of the fights and I find the dialogue amusing.
  5. The Prospective Princess - this one has a lot of history and does a very good job of tying up many loose ends in the timeline. The two German Princesses are hysterical.
  6. Court's Court - A silly court's court this year but some great puns and a Sherlock Holmesian solution to a quandry.
  7. French Fairy Tales - (1:00 - Gatehouse) - traditional French folktales. Lots of character changes for the performers but each is a unique character. The devil is fabulous as is Poverty.


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