Sep. 8th, 2002 10:00 pm
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Another day at the festival. According to the radio when I woke up, the temperature was supposed to be 53F at that time and going up to the mid-80s. So, I got fully dressed before heading out the door (granted, I cheated, I never took the ribbons off the skirt on Saturday), but I was in full-garb when I got in the car. I ended up very hot & sweaty before the gate opened. *sigh*

I gave Tom Plott the duplicates of the pictures from the Ontario Festival (including a really nice one of his fight with the flaming quarterstaff and you can really see the flames), got lots of people dressed and found out that Jon (our Lord of the Dance) was injured and couldn't do the part. So, we got the understudy to the understudy ..., it went fairly well and Ryan was fun to watch.

Had a few minor problems in Ellie & Bear Dance (I foresee some partner swapping coming soon) but all in all a good dance day. After dancing, I caught the very end of the Pyrates set and kidnapped Chelle to get her some more Pyratical Booty (tm) that Joy had brought in.

I caught Servant of Two Masters (fabulous show), Feast, and William Teller (what a good story-teller). It was fun watching him hawk his show next to Jim Nieb hawking Bloody Drama, they are for different audiences so joint hawking works.

At the end of the day, I showed Tom the ring. He was very happy and nearly swept me off my feet (my toes were still on the ground, barely). He wanted to know the details so I gave him the cliff-notes version. He called Chris over and congratulated him and asked the 'standard' "Have you set a date?" and Chris said something along the lines of "Well, we figure we have 9 months" ... beat ... beat ... Tom's eyes pop out of his head, Chris & I laugh and we reassure him that no, that isn't the reason, Chris was only playing with him. It was fun. I was a bit surprised that he hadn't heard through the grapevine but he was in Canada.

It was Fest Pay-Day (yes!). Had dinner with Anne & Richard (their anniversary is this week), Diane, Joe & Cyd. Then it was time to head out, shower, & sleep.


Sep. 7th, 2002 10:00 pm
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Kelley wasn't there this morning to run the dance group (yes, she was wonderful and had warned me, Maggie & Carolyn). But it still made things a bit more hectic from my end. The dancers were pretty good about working with me (yea!) and we dropped a few dances that we didn't have someone to take point on (and did longer teaching dances to fill time). So, overall things went well. I completely blew the lines for Creekstomp but it worked anyway - thank goodness for John.

Then it was time to run back-stage, strip (or at least mostly strip, those bloomers are HOT) and run to the car to head to Mom's. Getting off the entrance road took awhile (lots of people coming from my right to turn in and I was turning left). Then the Gifted Wonder Puppy cop at Crownsville & 450 held my line for most of the light (which was working) for 450, ALL of the light for Crownsville, then a chunk of the next cycle for 450 then walked away to get a drink! GRRRR

Thank goodness for Right Turn On Red. Made it onto 450 and meandered up the road (horse-vans do NOT go fast on that road and there was one about 3 vehicles ahead of me). Made it to Mom's house around noon. Ran through the shower (which I needed) and we were all in the car ready to go at 12:20 (it would have been 12:15 if Pete & Mom had been in the car when I came out of the bathroom). Of to Route 50 we headed.

Ooops, Route 50 was a parking lot. A VERY LONG parking lot. So, Mom was creative and we got out of THAT mess, ducked down other roads and made it to the Beltway in time to find an other (mercifully minor) back-up due to a wreck on, you guessed it, the ramp to Route 50.

We decided to take the Toll Road to Wolf-Trap (our destination du jour) and since Pete's legs are doing worse (and are really sore after sitting a lot), we used his handicap permit to park really close to the center. Made it to our seats for the 2:00 curtain of RIVERDANCE THE SHOW.

Normally, I would still have been on site, but since Andrew couldn't go to the show, Beth offered me the ticket, I got clearance from Carolyn to go and WOW! The sound level was rather high but the show is fabulous. It was interpreted so I managed to get some of the words I had missed during the vocals (no, they didn't interpret the Gaelic(?) songs into ASL).

The guy doing the lead seemed to be having fun and the trading taps was Fabulous! I do wish the person doing spot for the finale would either wear black pants (white pants in the wings do show up) or not fidget or maybe not go up to the catwalk until near the end.

We then went to the Tyson's Corner PF Chang's for dinner. It was quite yummy (though the poor waiter had trouble hearing Pete's order over the back-ground noise). Headed back to MD, looked at the pictures from the trip Mom & I took to New York early August, and I took my leave of them.

I am pleased with some of the pictures, VERY pleased with some, and Pete now knows what the original of his elephant sculpture looked like.
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Well, due to the lovely fall rains (yes, we did need it so I am not complaining too much), cast call was held at the costume house and there were a lot of announcements about changes in schedules due to the rain. So, we didn't have Diane make the announcement (esp. since we hadn't yet told her that we wanted her to). It was rather cool and damp. Yuck. My skirt is wet before the end of cast call. Fortunately, I had brought a zip-lock baggie for the ring-box (which *JUST* fits in the pouch that Chris thoughtfully gave me) so that will be safe.

It is strange, I'd had the ring for 2 days (and 3 nights) and it already felt weird for it to not be on my hand. But since it is above my station, I took it off and put it away (but near me).

The morning dancing got moved to Dragon Inn. We did have cover (yea!) but no space (as in around 8 feet between the tables front to back and 20 feet side-to-side between the drummer and the wet). We manage to do Ellie Farmer, Bear Dance, and Creek Stomp but it was tight (no, those aren't the only ones, but those are the ones that need space). We ended at 11ish instead of 11:30 since the wedding that had been scheduled for Fortune Stage was moved to the Dragon Inn (as it turns out, the bride hadn't made it yet).

In typical early rain-day fashion, there isn't a large crowd (someone mentioned that the performers were almost fighting over the patrons). After dance, I headed to Gatehouse to catch Punch and Judy but I realized that I was already going to have missed it. So eventually I wander over to Reveler's Bower to catch the end of Bill Wood's story about the Frog Prince (with puppet). Man that guy is a good story teller. When we were alone, I told him the news (he hadn't heard it) and he was pleased. I listened to another fast story, then wandered over to Page After Page to tell them and possibly shop. Then it was over to the German Camp to tell them (unfortunately Linda isn't there this weekend so I haven't told her).

The Chess Game went off (mud-wrestling!) and All's Well was canceled, so that cast got to watch the game (and ended up drawing a crowd for it). Diane of course pointedly sat on the 'bad guys' side against the queen. To prevent the muck (their word, not mine but very apropos) from pulling off the shoes of patron children, they only have 1 volunteer on the sidelines (since there ain't no way they are letting the white costume on the field). The fighters were a mess but there was only one injury (and not a serious one, more a stupid move than weather related). Barchan won the 4:00 Joust (17 to 10), and I set off to wander some more.

Bill (and a few others) have commented that I am glowing. I guess I am in a way. In some ways it makes no sense that it would have affected me this much, but in some ways it does. I'm dancing better, looking better, smiling more. I wonder if it will last (or more to the point, I wonder how long it will last). Several people who heard the news yesterday wanted to see the ring. We are a strange bunch when all is said and done.

I'm VERY tired and grateful that the day is over. We will do dinner with the group tomorrow and then on Tuesday I get to SLEEP.
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So, we get to the Festival at around 8:45 this morning (driving separately but we still show up at the same time due to traffic I hit that he didn't). I had figured Diane (who is one of the ones who helped us get together in the first place) would notice me wearing the ring. WRONG. I lace a bunch of people in and no one notices. The suspense is starting to get to me. Eventually I head up to cast call, check in with Chuck, and I lace in Diane and Kelley. Still no one notices. Chris sits down next to Diane and sort of mimes asking me if we should just make an announcement at cast call (NO) or if she had noticed. He finally 'tells' me that I have to show her.

So, I put my right arm around her (I'm sitting behind her) and put my left hand in front of her, lean over and say something to the effect of "good morning, miss not very observant". She FINALLY sees it and squeals. It was rather cool. She wanted to know the when & where of the question. We figure we are going to be GRILLED at the weekly dinner.

I then head to the stomping grounds because Kelley wants to clean up a few things. I see Chris walking by and talking with Anne about their daily fight and I want to tell her. So I go bouncing over to them and am working on my braids. This produces a lot of left hand movement, Anne doesn't see it. So, she starts to head to the Privy, and I say can you wait a minute, she says she really needs to go, I say please and put up my hand. Talk about honing in on a target. So, we let her go to the privy looking a bit stunned. I'm working on putting my hair up and Cyd comes up behind me and grabs my hand ("um, Cyd? I kinda need that hand right now"). Anne had told her that she had to see me and wanted to know if it was for real. [I found out later that she had asked Chris down at the costume house and he said that Cyd should go talk to me].

I told Debs and she just about pulled my arm off bouncing up and down. MaryAnn gave me permission to wear the ring today (I asked "I know this is above my station, but can I please wear this today" and that is how she found out). One person noticed while I was standing around waiting to talk to Debs & MaryAnn. One person noticed during the morning dance. I told Larry so he took me to show Paula. Then the gossips started spreading. Michelle then Chuck & Ceil accosted me while I was walking Darcy back to Pyrate Camp (I was going to tell her in the camp), I did tell the other Pyrates when we made it to camp. Several people found out at the 2:00 joust and/or Chess Game and wanted to see it. (Apparently Chris said he felt naked without rings so Diane chimed in that I seemed to be wearing a VERY NICE ring). Scott hadn't heard until I was talking to someone else about it. Chris told Carolyn just before she left for the day. I told Barchan when he was walking back after putting up the horses for the night.

People seem to be happy for us/pleased which is nice. In some ways, the cast is sort of like family (not close family, but family). Everyone wants to know if we have set a date, or a time-frame. Quite frankly, until the festival ends, I don't think we will have TIME to do a lot of planning (though I expect to get a lot of non-subtle shoves from Irim in that regard, esp. since she apparently knew he was going to ask about a week before I knew).

Tomorrow we may have Diane make an announcement at Cast Call for anyone who hasn't heard yet.
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Well, not getting enough sleep isn't good. I was a bad (and rude) person Sunday morning. Ended up driving in on my own and too wound up to eat (NOT a good idea on a hot day). The dancing went about the same. We did some dances we hadn't done on Sat., and they were about as ready for Prime Time (in other words not quite ready). I did get Kris to drag Fred into the Kissy-Kissy dance (it was so cute the way she lit up and said "Oh, Could I??" when I mentioned it to her). I'm going to try to drag him into the Promenade next week in such a way that he will be dancing with Kris at some point in the sequence.

I went to watch some of the shows I hadn't seen yet (Feast which is a hoot, the Coronation which is a spectacle, the YAE show before they got the latest cuts which is hard to follow due to language but fun, the Pyrates morning set (to see Molly but always fun).

I spent a lot of time with ice on my knees (again). Finally ate breakfast while watching the Pyrates sing at 11:30 (bagel with cream cheese and some raisins ... not sure if the raisins were a great idea). Around mid-afternoon I crashed big time. Became VERY zen with the floor of the costume house and ended up having an interesting talk with Cyd.

The pub was less crowded prior to pub-sing than Sat. (yea!) and people were mostly behaving themselves. They got Louis up on stage and set Christophe on him (much funnier IMNSHO than what was done to Jack, and Louis took it in good stride). The Pyrates (and Jack) were falling over laughing. Pyratelady did fall over, Fletcher almost did. It was mostly aimed at masturbation, stuff like "he believes that Palm Sunday is the one day that god approves of his sex life". Molly looked a bit like a deer in the headlights (Sunday being the 2nd day she actually performed with the Pyrates) but seemed to be amused.

Fred was more comfortable with his role and the rules and was playing a bit (but in a tasteful way). In my opinion, Jack sometimes goes over the top with the female cast members of pub-sing and I am grateful that he doesn't see me as 'female/wench' or at least he doesn't seem to and that is A-OK with me!

We ended with Wild Mountain Thyme and Blown and Torn which are both nice songs. I took the short-cut backstage and did my usual strip as I go (not realizing that Java was behind me and was rather amused to watch me (no, I didn't completely strip). Ended up waiting around for a bit since the rest of the cast who were doing the process out stayed to say goodbye to the visitors to our village. Did some fast striping of people (and slow striping of corsets--if you unlace a corset too quickly, the wearer can pass out). Got changed and was ready to leave.

Diane wasn't available for dinner because she was going to Disney World (flying out early Monday morning so they were spending Sunday night at a hotel at Dulles). So, the Sunday dinner was me, Javasaurus, Queenmaggie, her husband, Joe & Cyd. Good waitress!
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I had gone to the pub-sing rehearsal on Sunday so I knew what was originally planned (which is why I recommended that Mom come to this one). Mom had really enjoyed the pub-sing at the Sterling Festival (as did I - wonderful singing and feeling and no obvious drunks) and this one looked good.

I figured it was not a good sign for the run when I stopped at the White Hart at around 2:30 with Mom & Pete and saw that the 'Campers' (people who have tablecloths etc. and hold the front tables from before opening gate through pub-sing) apparently had 6-8 tables. Now, I do understand wanting to have a good seat for the show. I do NOT understand taking the tables for EVERY show and doing it before the festival opens (they have friends in booths who set out stuff), and we get to see them charging past us as soon as the gates open. GRRR.

Anyway, I get to the pub at around 5:15 and the Pyrates are doing their show and the place is slightly mobbed. To quote Scooby-Doo 'Ruh Roh'. I see Bonnie behind 'my' tree and people in front of it and no place for Mom & Pete. I eventually found a table and sat down to keep an eye out for them. They wandered in and I sent Mom to check for other seats that might be better (the sound isn't that great in the middle and the smoking would be heavier by the bar).

So, the witching hour finally came. My first Pub-Sing without Bill. The original set list was: Health to the Company, a Toast, Roll the Chariots, a Toast, a song by Gypsophilia, Let the Light from the Lighthouse Shine on Me, Royal entry, Drink o' Rum or McIntyre, Go Ye Home, Whipflash, Auld Lang Syne, Queen's Farewell, 8 bells in silence, Taps, and the Cannon. I thought it was a wonderful plan and that Mom would enjoy it. I forgot how liquid the pub-sing can be.

They did start with Health to the Company ([ profile] pyratelady sang the new verse that she wrote for the memorial keg, I hope to get a copy of it). Some choked up people but still going OK. The St. Cecilia girls did their 'Cock Song' (about a ROOSTER). Roll the Chariots, some toasts (a bit rude but not that bad). Strum did the Lighthouse song, then things took a severe turn for the crass. Since the royals weren't there, and there was time to kill. Christophe the Professional Insulter came up and did Tim/Jack Rackham. He is good at it, but it was definitely PG-13. Then Strum came back and did Old MacDonald - the Adult Version (I was ready to crawl in a hole from embarrassment). Finally the royals arrive and do their speech (Kingie's is something to the effect of "thanks for welcoming me, you've taken me to your heart for which I'm grateful. Here is the queen, she rules." MA's is about thanking the king and the village and the honor of the day. Then it goes to "And as your new Queen, I offer my friendship to those new in our shire, and my love to those who are with us in spirit and in our hears. A toast - to absent friends." Or at least that was what she was supposed to say. She did mention Bill by name, and commented that he was with Gentleman Jack, looking down on us and laughing at us in the heat.

After Whipflash did the fireball (which almost went wrong when a young boy ... maybe 3 or 4, decided to wander through the closed off area ... we got him out of the way in time but ...), the royals go back on stage. I'll continue the LJ with the scripted lines.

MA (as Anne Bolyne) "... My heart is heavy, as I know yours is. Good gentles all, know you that this day's labours have been absent of one of our dearest subjects and dearest friends. His memory fills this tavern and our hearts. Our love for him was not the greatest, though we feel it as much as the greatest of you." She said some more about Bill (by name) then it was Tim's turn.

[ profile] skivee starts picking out the instrumental to "Auld Lang Syne", [ profile] pyratelady plays softly on the dulcimer, Jim (?) from Gypsophilia plays on the concertina and Tim reads:

"Please raise thy glasses with me in honor and respect of our friend William, who was a king among men.

Not marble, nor the guilded monument,
Of Princes shall out-liue this powrefull rime,
But you shall shine more bright in these contents
Then vnswept stone, besmeer'd with sluttish time.
When wastefull warre shall Statues ouer-turne,
And broiles roote out the worke of masonry,
Nor Mars his sword, nor warres quick fire shal burne
The liuing record of your memory.
Gainst death and all obliuious emnity
Shall you pace forth, your praise shall stil finde roome,
Euen in the eyes of all posterity
That weare this world out to the ending doome.
So til the iudgement that your selfe arise,
You liue in this, and dwell in all our eies.
God speed, dear friend, and fair winds blow ye on into the gentle night."

A very appropriate Shakespeare sonnet, with the final line changed for Bill.
Skivee finished the instrumental of the song and we started to sing. Skivee mostly solo on the verses (though most of us sang under our breath), with all on the chorus.

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind,
should auld acquaintance be forgot, and the days of auld lang syne.

For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup of kindness yet, for the days of auld lang syne.

And surely ye'll be your pint-stowp, and surely I'll be mine,
And we'll take a cup o' kindness yet, For the days of auld lang syne.

We two have wondered through the brook, and through the gowains fine.
We have wandered many a weary mile, since the days of auld lang syne.

And here's a hand my trusty friend, and gie's a hand o thine,
And we'll take a right good willie waught, to the days of auld lang syne"
(I may not have all the words correct but it is close). Tears were running down my face but I could still sing because I HAD to. It was one of the last gifts I could give Bill, and to an extent Uncle Pete. Java made his way to next to me, we held hands and cried/sang together. [ profile] wilhelmina_d let me borrow an hanky to mop-up a bit.

Kingie was clearly moved by it. I think it really came home to him then just how big the shoes he is filling really are. Capt. Moon called for 8 bells, the signal for the end of a watch. Silently we all listened to ding-ding, ding-ding, ding-ding, ding-ding. Then softly, hauntingly again we hear Taps played by 2 trumpets. One on the ledge above the pub, the other near the HMT booth. Echoing back and forth on lines of music. It was very ethereal in a way. Good night, sweet prince.

Then the evening cannon boomed (much quieter than usual), we cheered for the king & queen and they made their way out. Ne'er again will we end a pub sing "until we meet again, in this life, or the next, God Speed and Good Day". Just the end of it.

Damn, I'm crying again.

Met up with Mom after the show, walked out with her for a bit, left her talking to Java (who was telling her how he was leaving for Pittsburgh early Monday morning for work), and went down to the costume house to help people get undressed. Not as painful/teary back there as I expected. People who weren't at the sing heard about it (Barchan hadn't been able to make it, it took too long to cool the horses off from the joust). Java had said he wanted to go out after Fest, but with the exception of the Davis family and [ profile] queenmaggie we didn't know where anyone was. So we went by ourselves.

Wilhelmina_d said that the sing was a closing for her in a way, she can now truly serve the new king (the Landsknecht's had served as guards, ushers, and pall-bearers at Bill's funeral, apparently at his request). A fitting tribute (except for that song and the insults).
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It's finally here. Opening day of the Ren Fest. [ profile] javasaurus & I were running slightly late (but only slightly) and make it to site (via McD's) at around 8:40 in the morning (YAWN). End up being parked near B-Gate instead of the area we normally park in (meant a bit of a hike to get to the participants gate). It was already HOT and humid. Yuck. We had a spot of rain (spot being the operative word here) at around 7:30am and it was still looking a bit overcast.

As usual for opening day, Stitch had the costume house open early (it was already open and people inside when we got there). Also, as usual, I had a line of people wanting to get laced (it *is* nice to be needed). The usual disconcerting feeling of sort of recognizing a character but knowing you have it wrong due to recycled costumes. Java's new costume is pretty spiff, even if I don't get to lace him anymore. He and Anne look wonderful together since Stitch trimmed his costume with left-over fabric from hers. We got to see Kingie in his King costume (the King arrives for the Coronation so we don't see him until mid-day and Carolyn figured we should know what he looked like). He looks good in it. But it helped bring home that Bill is gone. I kept finding myself watching for him since that is what I have done for the last several years since he had so much to put on, he always got to cut line for being laced in.

Sally Sly was running rather late (9:55am "Do you think I have time to finish my bodice for Maddie before we go up to dance?" "Um, no. It will take a bit of time to get your skirts tied up and the bodice laced and your hair isn't up either"). So we get her all put together, and were working out the final details of the schedule of the dance when BOOM the cannon sounded (the poor St. Cecelia girls had no idea that there would be a cannon early in the morning).

I knew Mom & Pete were planning to make it to the festival (which is why I gave Mom my comps on Wed.) so I was sort of keeping an eye out for them, shepherding people into opening dance (the entire cast does it) and still protecting my knee. It went well for a dress-rehearsal. Too bad we were already open. *sigh* The repeat counts were off, the intros were off, the dancers were off. Several people kept changing gender in the middle of the dance (a hey goes MUCH better if the number of people going clockwise equals the number going counter-clockwise.

After the morning dance session, I ducked down to the costume house to get my ice-packs for my knees, ditch the bloomers and grab some food. Then off we went (me, Mom & Pete) to the 12:00 joust to watch Barchan joust on Ajax (who apparently has decided that bucking is FUN!). In no particular order, we saw 3 jousts (12, 2, 4); O's new show (it is interesting, creative, but a bit slow in places), part of the Rogue's set, part of O Danny Girl's set, Fight School, and the Chess Game. Then they headed off to the mall to cool off while I went wandering back to the costume house again. Mom said they would be back for the pub-sing.
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Let's see, I more or less survived Thursday's rehearsal. Ice packs are a wonderful thing. I stopped at Giant and aw shucks, they have them on sale with the Bonus card ... and my favorite ankle braces. The good news is that I haven't needed the braces during rehearsal. The bad news is I could use a knee brace if I could figure out how to have it do what I need it to do.

In short, I am stressing the bejabbers out of the part of my lower leg that I use to stop myself going down stairs, just below the knee. It is part of the knee joint, but not the joint proper. It hurts and is puffy and generally unhappy. Most of Thursdays rehearsal I marked or fudged to protect it (Irish-Sevens? No Way!).

After dance rehearsal on Thursday I went and watched the Chess rehearsal since I had been hearing about it from Javasaurus and N (who plays Eleanor Rumming, head of the Rumming gang of pub-wenches). I ended up sitting with Kris (Kingie's wife) who is also in the dance troupe. I gave Scott a backrub (not a real big one because my arms were tired from going through the Alum Surveys cleaning up from the Scanner).

Kris is very cool. Not real tall, red hair, nice smile and fairly playful from what I can gather. She is a drama teacher in the Manassas area. She apparently went to her principal and said "now, I want you to see my vision for Oklahoma". The principal (wisely) was concerned and wanted details. In the end she got permission to have Curley coming down the aisle of the auditorium singing Oh What a Beautiful Morning on the back of a Norwegian Fjord. My kinda drama person (as opposed to the Betty Boop I had) and my kinda principal too.

Anyway, after the rehearsal (which was fun to watch), I got a chance to visit with Java for a bit (now that he is feeling better, we can finally kiss again) before he headed off to work on Math. He showed me the pix he had taken of the July 4th Display on Campus (stunning photos) and some shots around the festival. One of [ profile] queenmaggie's group of YAE's came out very well.

[as an aside, this year is WAY heavy on 1st year YAE - only 1 second year YAE. Dealing with them is like herding cats! But they are an energetic bunch and are nice people ... just can a bit distracted/un-focused].

Friday I was trying to get out of work early so Mom & I could go play in the water at Six Flags. I had planned to leave at 3 but I was almost finished with the tagging of the Climate survey stuff (going into the excel spreedsheet for a question in the focus groups and making sure each comment was tagged for a theme, copied as many times as needed to accommodate all the tags it got, and cutting comments in half if they were too large for the cell ... 37 legal sized pages of this) so I left at around 3:15. Got to Mom's and she wasn't quite ready, changed into shorts & t-shirt, said hi to da boys, and flipped through a catalogue she had for King Arthur flour.

Then off to 6 Flags. I had found a bring a friend for free coupon which was restricted but not horribly so, so she didn't pay to get in. We head to the water park area and get a locker (they are almost sold out of them but we manage to stuff all the stuff in 1 locker). Change into swimsuits (we had decided en route to do water park before main park). Took her to Crocadile Cal's Beach House. Not an easy thing to describe but heaven for someone who loves playing in the water (think large treehouse with water fountains everywhere sitting in a small pond). Got her on several of the slides (she HATES the feeling of falling but the only 'drop' slide I took her on was about 4 feet long so it was OK). We played there for a bit, then wandered over to the pool (showed her the lazy river en route). Played in the pool, then went to the wave pool.

Boy did she have fun in there. I played a bit of show-off (I can mostly do a hand-stand in waves). Then we wandered to the Rainbow Slides. Only the red one was open (darn it) but the line wasn't too bad (have I mentioned that I REALLY prefer to visit parks on weekdays in the summer?). Just as it was my turn to go (as in I'm sitting in my tube at the top of the slide) some sirens start going off and the life-guard asks me to hold (of course I will, unlike some idiots, I obey the lifeguards). It turns out that the woman who was 2 riders in front of me needed excessive help getting out of the splash pool. Finally got the okay and DOWN I went. WHEEEE! I keep forgetting how much fun that thing is. And it is nearly the end of the season, I may not get to go back. WHAAAA

The downside to the end of the day was that somewhere in all of that Mom lost the key to the locker. (Neither of us thought to have her put it in the secure pocket of the men's swim trunks she was wearing over her suit. But it only took $10 to get the lock removed so it was still a reasonable price. Mom wanted to get some popcorn so I ran the suits out to the car (and put on my sneakers) then we wandered through other parts of the park. I rode Superman at night without my glasses (since she was NOT going to ride, she could hold them for me). It is very strange that way, the lights are so pretty and vague. The tracks are basically not lit at all so you really can't see the bottom of that first hill (the lift is lit, and the end of the return).

We rode the Carousel, tried to buy some fudge for Pete (they were all out of the chocolate) and headed out. Route 50 was UGLY with traffic (NOT what my knees wanted to deal with ... too much clutching) but all in all a good day and a good way to end the week.
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Well, we were told on Saturday (or at least *SOME* of us were told) that we would have rehearsal last night starting at 6:00pm. So I figured if I left work at 5:00, I would have time to change, stop at the mini-mart for a snack and drink and get to the site.


Rt. 50 & the Beltway is not a fun interchange during rush-hour. Beltway at BW Parkway is slow, 50 losing lanes is slow. *sigh* So I pull into the driveway at 6:02 with Sally Sly (Dance Mistress) right behind me. If I beat her, I'm not late.

We had agreed that I would take some of the more experienced dancers & teach Greensleeves while she worked with the new YAE's and the other new guy on Bear Dance. After about 20 minutes my group was running the dance at speed (and singing it) fairly cleanly. We Rock! (Having a simple dance and experienced dancers helped).

One of the YAE's allegedly hadn't heard about the rehearsal (I know he was there when it was mentioned) so he didn't make it. He tried to convince us that he wasn't right for the troupe, we told him to show up for the rehearsal tonight & tomorrow. Even if he only learns 2 dances plus the teaching dances, that will help. I also offered to work with people during the day as street bits.

Anyway, we ran Bear Dance a few times then the YAEs and St. Cecelia had to go to Coronation. [ profile] acroyear70 had left for Rapper Practice leaving me, Sally & the new guy (I have no idea of his name but I am not overly comfy around him). On Sat. we were working Parson's Farewell (Sally's version) and on the point out, kickback, bring in & pivot step; he thought we were doing the arabesque step and that he was my partner; so he came up behind me and tried to grab my waist to support me. AWK! WRONG ANSWER! Sally has since decided that we won't be doing the support at all for that dance. We are also dropping the lifts from Fleur De Leis (sp?).

The 3 of us worked on Parsons (which I am slowly getting) and my knees start complaining. I am on the down-hill side where the slope is slightly steeper AND the mulch is much deeper. Kinda mounded up and unstable and LUMPY. YUCK

Then we work on Ductia with hitch kicks in the mulch. I mostly remember that dance from other years but of course the steps are now in a different order.

Then Fleur De Lies. The passe' assemble' in the mulch is a killer. My knees are NOT happy with me (swollen and sore, kinda achy just sitting here).

I stopped at Giant last night and scored some ankle braces at $1.25 off. Go Me! I haven't been using them in rehearsal but the shoes I wear on site don't provide the anti-pronation support that my regular shoes do. What I may try is wearing them in the morning then taking them off at lunch-time. I'll have less pressure on my feet at the end of the day (a few times last year they got so tight due to swelling it was painful by the end of the day). I'll probably want them on again for the pub-sing (extra support when standing on rocks is a Good Thing). I also got (on sale) another freezer cold pack. After we are done tonight I'm going to shower & ice my knees. 3 in a row, then a day of rest then we open. EEEK!

So tonight I'm leaving work at 4 or 4:30 so I can stop & get dinner (Chick-Fil-A here I come) and give Mom my comps so she can go on Sat., heading to rehearsal, dancing, then icing.

Hmm, maybe I'll play Roller Coaster Tycoon while using the icepacks. Hmmmm.
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Not enough sleep last night! Came in after the show, face planted on the bed. Woke up an hour or so later & kicked off my shoes, resume face-plant. Woke up about 2 hours later, changed into jammies, euphemized, and went to bed for real. YAWN it was about 4:30am.

Got up at around 9:15. Grumble, moan. Prepared for the day & headed to [ profile] xpioti's house. Stopped at McDonald's to get food (I do like the egg & cheese bagels with no sauce, must remember to continue to order that way). Got some chocolate chip cookies as well. YUM!

We visited a bit, she oohed over her new model that got sent to my Mom's house (when she was moving, I was house-sitting there so we shipped the QVC order there). Had a lot of fun offending Willow by killing all the bubbles in the bubble wrap. After carefully removing it from the model without damaging the wrap.

We then attacked the shelves in her basement (well, fed bunny, let bunny out to play, found something on TV for background). Got them up Go Us! in a reasonable amount of time. And managed to fill 2 of the 3 and start on the third. I did learn that wood in houses can be non-straight, cheap shelf supports may or may not go in the slots without some "fine adjusting", and boxes of books that hit your knee HURT (no permanent damage but it did smart for quite a while and will leave a heck of a bruise). Fortunately the box glanced off the knee-cap instead of coming down square on the joint. But they did go up and look pretty spiff.

Then it was time to head back to Fest site for the pub-sing rehearsal. I am not an official member of the pub-sing. I rarely (very rarely) get on stage. But I do sing from the stands and help keep the aisles clear so I wanted to go (ok, I am nosy as all get-out as well). The new king was there so that the Pyrates et al. could meet him (and he them). Went over the basic format of the show, ran some songs. It was nice (no drunks). Opening weekend is going to be HARD. Opening night is going to be really hard.

Last year, we were open the weekend after 9/11. It was a tough call for the festival as to whether or not to open. It was decided that some people needed to get away from it so we were given VERY strict orders to not make any mentions of it during the day (escapism is easier if you don't have what you are escaping thrust in your face).

The pub-sing was an exception to that. We did a lot of the quieter, weepier songs (Wild Mountain Thyme, Auld Lang Syne, etc.). During the big court thing during the day, Bill would do a speech from Richard II (see end). He did the speech that night at the sing. At the end where the line was "God bless England", it became "God bless us". With his hands cupped in front of him (held wide most of the speech).

I am an agnostic, but to me, in my heart, I think Bill was saying us meaning (the) U.S. as well as us meaning all the people there at the festival, and perhaps the whole world. It was something he came up with (that probably got approved) for the sing that night.

We did NOT end the day with a cannon, but with 8 bells to signal the end of the watch which was then echoed by people ringing bells all over the site. Then the trumpets played Taps. One from the top of the White Hart, one from somewhere nearby. Very quietly, echoing one another. It was beautiful, it was haunting. It was wonderful.

The speech stayed for the rest of the season. Final night we had theatrical pyrotechnics shooting off on either side of Bill as he held that pose. Looking so resplendent in his costume, so moved by the music, the end of the season, etc. It was the next to last time I saw him as King. The next (and final) time was at his funeral about a month later. I hope someone got a good photo of that, it was magical (he was back-lit by jack-o-lanterns that we had carved on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday and front lit by the pyrotechnics).

Tim said at the rehearsal, that he thinks we will honor and respect Bill's memory by having the sing, not having it the same, but still carrying the spirit along. He figures Bill is up there, in the A/C (which we are NOT in down here ... another 90+ day), drinking his Gentleman Jack and singing along with us.

It will be an interesting opening weekend. And it will be an interesting closing weekend as well. I can't remember if Bill did his "I'll not see you again unless you swear to come back next year" last year. I do know he closed with "Until I see you again, in this life, or the next, Godspeed and good day".

Here is the speech from one of the on-line Shakespeare bits.
This royal throne of kings, this scepter’d isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall,
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England

Then the line "God Bless Revel Grove" (or this pub-sing), God Bless US.
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Well, today was interesting to say the least. And LONG.

To begin with, I arrived at the Fest site at 10:00 (via the convenience store nearby for breakfast). Got to hear some of the intros (they didn't do a full cast intro this year ... darn it). Worked on my current art-project (more in a different post) while people worked on street scenes. Also got a minor bombshell dropped. One of our Y-chromosome dancers won't be with us this year (eep! And we had already assigned spots in Bear Dance!) So Tim decided we were a bit stuck and drafted the guys in YAE. Which is great except that since they brought the YAE girls with them the male:female ratio isn't improved and we open in ONE WEEK. EEEEP!

Then they ran opening gate. It seems strange to see the court come in without a king. And without Bill. It in some ways doesn't quite seem real yet, he can't REALLY be gone, can he? I know he is, but it is still strange. I've been doing this in one way or another since the 1990 season. I attended the 1989 season to see Bri. That was Bill's first year as Henry.

Anyway, the gate script has some pretty funny lines and moments and the blocking is mostly well done (part of it was hard to see from where I was sitting). Watching [ profile] javasaurus jump up and down is fun. Watching [ profile] queenmaggie play the protective sibling while Scott does the 'oh poor little me' weaseling is also fun.

Then everyone processed in for the morning dance. I do like doing Promenade around a tree. It is kinda fun. We have a larger court this year and perhaps a smaller general cast so the circles were a bit off. Dragged some of the St. Cecelia girls through it. Fortunately they learn fast.

Then we had the 1 and only run through of the music with Maggie. Fortunately, [ profile] faireraven was there with her fiddle so it wasn't going to be too hard later in the day. We worked out some timings, intros and that sort of thing. We started working with the new YAE kids (before they ran to coronation rehearsal) and got a reasonable amount done. During coronation and lunch break, Java & I went to the mall to get some food and ended up visiting with Himself & [ profile] wilhelmina_d a bit. Himself tells such *interesting* stories.

After lunch we went back and I headed to dance while Java went to Feast (I think). We had from 2-3:30 according to the schedule but since Coronation went a bit long, the times got messed up (us? surprised? Nah!). We taught/re-taught Ellie Farmer/Tiddington Tickle/Privateer's Assault/Farmer Reel (us? rename dances every year just to confuse everyone? nah). We also did some of the teaching dances. We probably won't add the new people to Bear Dance (a bit complex and FAST) for awhile.

Sally Sly & I stayed after to work with people. Then I taught Greensleeves to Jon. I also gave the steps to the St. Cecilia girls. If they learn it, that gives us 6 who know it. YEA!

Then it was time to head out and visit the sacred shower (all blessings upon the inventors of that wondrous gift!). God it felt good to get cooled off and CLEAN. Played a bit at this and that. Then Java, S & I went to see Oedipus the Musical.

Up front, it is a comedy. A very dark and completely over the top show. Set in West Virginia, Oedipus is conceived under the influence of an aphrodisiac. The cast was fun and insane. The cross-dressing, over the top, safety-orange song was on the one hand a bit insensitive, and on the other, completely hilarious. The monkey puppet back-ups were also quite amusing. Not something I would recommend to many people but it was fun. And I can see how a couple in that situation today would end up on Jerry Springer.

The fact that the show was in DC (Adams Morgan area) and started at 10:00pm was a bit of a problem. Hence the VERY long day.


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