Jun. 4th, 2017 04:48 pm
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I haven't done role playing in the traditional sense but I really enjoyed what the DH wrote.

Just sit right down and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful night
That started when the clock struck eight
with the dimming of the light.

Well I was a mighty gaming man,
My spouse was brave and sure.
Some buddies joined the table round
For three hours or four, three hours or four.

No keyboard, mouse or video screen,
Not a single luxury,
Like Arneson and Gygax
Twas primitive as could be.

The adventure began on the outskirts of this uncharted haunted ruin
With Bob the gnome,
The wizard too,
A holy man and a thief,
A minstrel bard,
Some cheese puffs and Mountain Dew,
Here at the table round!

The adventure started plain and pure
with goblins, orcs, and gnolls
A cavern that was filled with gold
and then we found the trolls...

[sound of lots of dice hitting the table]

The adventure started getting rough,
as we delved the dungeon deep
then Bob was turned to a popsicle
as the frost dragon woke from sleep

The grandfather clock chimed one then two,
As Bob started to defrost.
If not for the case of Mountain Dew
The adventure would be lost, the adventure would be lost.

The gnome named Bob and the wizard too,
along with all the rest,
swore to stay 'til break of day,
to prove they were the best.

So this is the tale of the table round,
They played for a long, long time,
Adventures, tales, and snacks and laughs
a great way to unwind

They join us here each week to play,
where no worldly cares are found,
We are diehard roleplayers,
Here at the table round!
Shared with permission
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Day at KD )
6.5 hours
1 meal
1 snack
2 non-coaster rides
12 roller coaster rides
so doing something every 24 minutes. That includes bathroom breaks, water breaks and walking from point A to point B. If you assume that we spent 1.5 hours at lunch (probably not unreasonable) and .5 hours at the snack (again not unreasonable) and at least .5 hours doing the bathroom/water fountain routines that drops it to something every 17 minutes ... including walking through queues, loading, riding, and unloading. Pretty amazing day.

We hit a nice Chinese place on the way home and enjoyed the $1 large drinks at a McD's in the same parking lot for the rest of the drive. I listened to music and DH slept. We got home around 9 (long dinner stop), puttered around and went to bed.


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