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A friend of mine is walking in a National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk. She is doing it because a dear friend of hers has a nasty kidney disease. I am posting here (with her permission) in memory of Betsy, Jim, and Pete. All three of them died with kidney failure (and the complications that produces). As those of you who read my journal know, I have a LOT of reasons for wanting kidney disease to be treated.

I know that many of you donate to many causes and neither I nor my friend will be offended if this isn't an option for you.
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My Aunt Betsy passed away this morning. We got the phone call on our way to Ren Fest. Betsy has been very ill for some time (she was on dialysis for around 10 years). She had a litany of physical challenges which were getting worse and spent most of the time this summer going in and out of the hospital and rehab.

In many ways she was the closest of my aunts and uncles. When I was a very young child my mother was ill and I spent the summer at Betsy's house. She claimed I was the easiest child to take care of, get me up, feed me, put me on the horse, take me down, feed me, put me down for a nap, wake me up, put me on the horse, take me down, feed me, put me to bed. I remember one of her friends wondering where she had been hiding her daughter all these years. We always had a connection, partially through the horses and partially through our looks. I looked more like her than I look like my mother. As I got older, I looked more like her and in 1985 Mom & I went to Florida to visit and there exists a picture of me with Betsy and her horse and it is hard to tell who is who in the picture (well, aside from the horse). As more time went by, it became more strange for me to look so much like her because when I would see her it was like looking through a time-warp mirror at myself if I made some really bad choices in my life.

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For those of you who saw me today and saw the post last night, thank you for not bringing it up. I got through the day (most people on site didn't realize there was anything wrong) and held it together until after Pub Sing. Remember to love those around you, take care of the planet and your loved ones (and listen to the doctors when they tell you stuff). Also, if you see me on the streets this weekend, please don't bring this up, backstage is OK.

May the peace of the oceans sing her to her final rest and may she truly rest in peace.

Goodbye Aunt Betsy, I'm glad your passage was peaceful, may you be reunited with your brothers and your pets in whatever afterlife there may be.

Rest in peace.
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Another one of the gentle giants has passed to the greener pastures. Keely will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her. I have a weakness for Clydesdales and Keely was a special one. She was one of the few of the fairer sex to joust at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I treasure the honor I had of meeting her at her home several years ago and getting an opportunity to spend time with her and her herd-sister grooming them and scritching them and getting them ready for their knights. Whenever they came to the festival I always made a point of saying hi to them and they both allowed me the honor.

Keely was the first of the girls to come to the festival. She was young and a bit impetuous her first year and while there wasn't a mean bone in her body, there was a lot of spunk. Don Martino Fernandez handled her well and she learned the ropes well. As she became more experienced at being a joust horse and gained some maturity her skills increased and she became quite a formidable horse to joust against and it was always wonderful watching her perform. Fast, strong, and bold was Keely. She passed away earlier this week with her owner with her and all who knew her are grieving for the loss of such a wonderful horse.

She was beautiful, powerful, graceful, spirited, bold and the epitome of the gentle giant while being the impressive warhorse. Charge on Keely! May your pastures be green, your lists true, and your love appreciated.

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Poor Maple

Feb. 9th, 2010 11:54 am
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We have a Japanese Maple in our front yard and the recent big snow did some damange. Javasaurus took a couple of pictures and they are behind the cut. I am seeking advice from LJ. It is really cold so there shouldn't be too much sap (or bugs) and we hope that will help.

One of the larger branches has been ripped off the trunk (still attached by the proverbial string but I'm not expecting it to survive the storm coming today). There is another branch that is damaged but not torn off.

So, what can we do to help the tree survive the insult? We know that the one branch is toast (unsure about the second branch but after today's snow it may be gone as well) but worry about the scar and how to protect the tree. It is a lovely tree and we would love to keep it healthy and happy.

Ideas? Suggestions? Questions? This is public so feel free to point others to it who might have experience in this area.

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blueeowyn: (Bleak) - more states allow marriage between first cousins than allow gay marriages. Now, given that a lot of the wingnuts charming people who feel that gays should not be allowed to marry are trotting out the whole "marriage is about having children and raising them in a family environment" argument, this really bothers me. Having first cousins have children is potentially a bad idea from a genetic viewpoint and is (in my opinion) a little creepy.


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