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DH and I headed down to KD. We had missed out on one of the weekends earlier in the season that we had hoped to go (I do not like having us both sick). So, we figured that Mother's Day might be good weather (it was) and lower crowds (they were). It took us a bit of time to get going and about 2 hours to get down there after finishing breakfast. We arrived around 11:30.

Since it had been awhile since we had a chance to ride certain rides, we headed to them first. So, unlike our usual trips, we started with Backlot Stunt Coaster and had a walk-on ride. Considering on our last trip down it looked like a 45 min. to 1 hour line, we were happy). Nice launch, good ride until the coming out of the building part where it was a bit hard on the backside when we landed but it was fun.

Our next stop was Volcano the Blast Coaster. I was a bit confused by the posters in the queue (there was a line ... it was about 20 minutes) talking about coming soon Volcano ... they are making a coaster themed game for in the park. Good ride but man the restraints are not designed for a fuller figured girl.

Our next stop was Intimidator 305. We had ridden it on our last trip (and sat for quite awhile on the back brakes because we broke it) but wanted to hit it again with short lines. We had to wait 1 train for 2nd seat (we decided that 7 trains for front seat wasn't worth it for us). Wheee! I still don't like how some of the track switches behave but it was nice.

Then, since it is right there, we went ahead and visited Flight of Pain Fear. It actually was a much better ride than it usually is. I did wonder how in the world they would get us out if the train jammed the way one did recently at the sister ride in Maryland. The fire trucks can't get to an indoor coaster.

We then wandered over to Avalanche which I love. DH took the back seat and it was nice being able to lean against him on the ride. The guy in front of us and I were amused at the lady behind us who thought she was going to die. The mid-course trims were on very hard which was annoying but I still love the ride.

Our next stop was Anaconda which I usually avoid (the corkscrew can be painful ... especially if it is going slowly). However, it was one of the best rides we had on that ride in a LONG time.

Given the lines, we decided to try to hit all the coasters in the park in one day (or at least all of them that are operating and you don't have to rent a kid to ride).

By then it was getting to be lunch time so we wandered over to look at the Taste of Virginia offerings. Some of them sounded interested but a bit pricy so we ended up at the Country Kitchen which ended up being a LONG line. I think we were in line for at least 45 minutes probably closer to an hour between when we got in line and when we finished paying. After eating we headed over to the Eagles and I had one of my best rides there.

Next stop was Grizzly. We had ridden it earlier in the season but this trip it was a bit rough ... it almost felt like the wheels weren't round. We got a good look at the demolishment of part of Hurler. Rumor has it that they are giving that the "iron" treatment. Personally, I think Grizzly would have been a better choice for that.

Riccochet had a bit of a line but it moved well and we chalked another one off the list. Then to the best coaster in the park, the Rebel Yell. They have been doing a lot of track work in the off season (unpainted wood that was painted white last year is a dead giveaway). We hit the front tracks first and amused the ride up by squealing "Wheee!" and putting our hands up as we left the station. The front chain was running at essentially the same speed as the back chain (WOOT!) so it was a really good race between the sides. Then we came around and hit the back set of tracks. The ride op looked at us and asked weren't we just on the other side and we grinned and said yes. Good ride again!

We then went to get a snack. I was going to get the Praline Pecan Pie and DH was going to get the Apple Pie and split but they were out of the apple so we each got Pecan. It was quite tasty.

By this point my knees were unhappy so we decided to skip the Carousel, the Bad Apple and the Bumper Cars and headed to the front of the park. We visited Woodstock Express (aka Scooby) but didn't end up on the same train. We skipped the Great Pumpkin because we didn't want to rent a kid and that type of ride can be hard on DH's back. Then we went to Boo Blaster and my first gun wasn't working so he won thoroughly but it was fun. Our final ride was Dominator and there was a mix-up about the larger seats so we ended up waiting for longer than we probably should have. Oh well, it was still only 4 trains and they were cycling quickly. Coming down the steps my knee said "you are done" so we didn't hit DH's favorite shop but I insisted on a run-through of the 2 front shops to look for commemorative gear for the 100th birthday of the carousel (we couldn't make it that weekend) and scored a pin, a magnet and a shirt. We left some comments at customer service and left the park at 6.

6.5 hours
1 meal
1 snack
2 non-coaster rides
12 roller coaster rides
so doing something every 24 minutes. That includes bathroom breaks, water breaks and walking from point A to point B. If you assume that we spent 1.5 hours at lunch (probably not unreasonable) and .5 hours at the snack (again not unreasonable) and at least .5 hours doing the bathroom/water fountain routines that drops it to something every 17 minutes ... including walking through queues, loading, riding, and unloading. Pretty amazing day.

We hit a nice Chinese place on the way home and enjoyed the $1 large drinks at a McD's in the same parking lot for the rest of the drive. I listened to music and DH slept. We got home around 9 (long dinner stop), puttered around and went to bed.
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