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As many of you know, I have been a fan of Peter, Paul & Mary for many years ... basically as long as I can remember. Growing up my sire's stereo was off-limits in a Big Way because it was his toy and us kids might damage it. I remember playing the album "Moving" (Side A) with such wonderful songs as Gone The Rainbow, Pretty Mary, Puff, The Magic Dragon, and This Land Is Your Land. The music, words and images moved me.

Years later, I saw the reunion concert on PBS (and taped it ... I think I still have that VHS tape somewhere) and truly fell in love with them again. The feeling of unity, respect, and love among the three of them and the passion for music and their causes was palpable.

Then several years after that, I got to see them live at Wolf Trap and the magic of singing along with them (and a few thousand fans) was priceless for me. Ever since then, when they came through, I would go and see them. We heard from her about her granddaughter and she pulled out a picture to see ... a large poster. We heard about her garden, her love and respect for Peter & Noel Paul (and Dick Kniss). We heard about her leukemia, the treatments and her recovery. When I saw them listed on the Schedule for this year I knew I had to see them again ... as you may recall, I did see Peter & Noel Paul, but by then Mary was too sick to perform. I knew then that she was dying even though the boys tried to not say it. Peter talked about the projects he was looking forward to working with her on. ( is my very short review of the concert ... when I saw the rainbow it almost felt like a goodbye from her to her fans.

While I never had the honor of meeting Mary in person; she did impact me in ways similar to John Denver. I mourn our collective loss and wish strength to her family (both chosen and biological). I hope that her passing was as gentle as possible and that if there is an afterlife she gets to sing with John and others who have gone before her.

A strong woman who used her brains and her talent to try to make the world a better place for us all. Who made us laugh and made us cry. Who let us into her life a little bit and we were better for the experience. Who stood up for justice (Have You Gone To Jail For Justice); who pushed people to rethink their positions; who supported such other crucial people as Martin Luther King, Jr..

She had an opportunity to play on a large stage and used it well; she was true to herself and her beliefs and through the strength of those beliefs and the constancy that she (and the group) shared; encouraged others to think in ways that they had not before.

Mary, may the voice you gave remain blowing in the wind for all of us for years.
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