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My aunt Betsy is not doing well, is in a rehab facility and has been in and out of the hospital a lot recently and there is talk of a permanent nursing home. So there is a good chance that we will need to find a home for her two dogs. Java and I can't take them due to our schedules and lack of fenced yard. I have not met the dogs.

Below is a slight rewrite I received from Orkney about the dogs. They are currently in Florida but could possibly be shipped/driven somewhere else if a good home was in the offing. When Betsy was at home they were house and outside dogs but now they're outside.

Morgan is something over seven and is a part black lab who looks the part. He has never overcome his shyness dating back to some bad care before Betsy had him. When Orkney and her husband were down a couple of weeks ago thye went by to see the dogs and check on a couple of things at the house and Morgan came to the gate to see who was there buy hung back a bit. They had "cookies" with them and he came to Orkney for one and then to her husband. She told him he was being silly in hanging back and was able to give him some good body rubs, which he enjoyed. His tail was wagging slowly-- Betsy said that only in the past year has he wagged at all.

Frazier is two or three and is a greyhound/chocolate lab mix. He's gorgeous--a small, chocolate greyhound. He's taller and more streamlined than Morgan and is a happy puppy with very nice manners--- no jumping up on people.

If you know of anyone who would give them a good home, please email me ( will work).
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