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G Force
We went to see this hoping for something silly. It does have some silly elements and some very groan worthy puns. It is not a deep movie but has a couple of nice twists to it. We did NOT pay the extra to see it in 3D (why yes the extra $$ for 3D even if you bring your glasses back annoys me).

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince
This is a well-done movie and does mostly follow the book but some of the key areas make certain characters come out in a different light (in my opinion). There was a lot of focus on the relationships among the various students and not as much on the Half-Blood Prince portions. The Phoenix group is basically ignored (I don't remember how much they figured in the book but I thought there was some). Not a whole lot of wizardry compared to the others so far. I am looking forward to the last 2 movies (what are they going to call them?

Wizard of Oz with NSO
Full length movie with the NSO playing the music soundtrack. The sound was not as clean as I would have liked (I suspect the restoration/care of the split tracks wasn't there). They had Robert Osborne from Turner Classic Movies come and tell about the movie which was fun. It is stunning seeing it on the VERY large screen and having the live music. It was also a bit loud in places.

Blue Planet Live with NSO
This was an excerpt of the BBC documentary entitled Blue Planet focusing on the life in/on the oceans. The images were stunning and I swear some of the sea-floor creatures look like something Dr. Seuss would dream up. It was a bit annoying that they re-used some of the scenes instead of showing us more stuff but I suspect they had limited footage of certain things (e.g. penguins jumping up on the ice). The world of preditor and prey is a harsh world and they didn't shy away from showing that. The music was very nicely written and performed (the chorus was amazing) and fit the scenes. It is the first time I have seen something like this at Wolf Trap that had some serious technical difficulties (they had to restart the film). The narrator was good but needs to control his volume.

Oklahoma at Toby's Dinner Theatre
Over the years we have come to expect a good show from Toby's (with one notable exception). This one filled the bill. Laurey & Curly were both solid performers with a good interplay between them. Jud was VERY well done as was Aunt Eller. Will looked so much like Tommy Sands (Happiest Millionaire) it was almost spooky. The dancing was fun and energetic; the singing was superb, the set was fun and creative (I loved how they did the ranch). While I may not LIKE some of the characters or their behaviors, I enjoyed the show. The breakfast was also quite tasty. It runs through the end of August.

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My notes and additions!

G Force
Predictable but cute CG silliness. Lovable characters, and the mice steal the show. “poop in his hand! poop in his hand!” We skipped the 3D version this time, and I don’t think we missed anything because of it.

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince
Overall, I really loved the movie. I love seeing the main characters grow up – emotionally, intellectually, as well as physically. I love seeing the physicalizations of the books. Special effects are top-notch. Acting is great. However, book 6, like book 5 and possibly book 4, is simply too big a story for one movie. In the books, the multitudinous subplots really bring the characters to life – especially the love-interests and connections to family. But there are simply too many of them for a three-hour movie. The movie writer needs to accept this, and figure out what the essential story is. Write that story, then add one or two subplots at a time to support that story, and (because it’s a series) that support the main through-line of the collection of movies. HP½BP (the movie) tries to add a dollop of many subplots, and they never really develop properly.

Wizard of Oz with the NSO!
Great film. I want to see Gone with the Wind and Doctor Zhivago like this now, with the live orchestra. Robert Osborne (who introduces movies on Turner Classic Movies) was on stage to introduce each half of the movie, a nice added touch. I agree that there were soundtrack problems—the music track was (of course) muted, but the voice/foley track sounded like it needed a bit of restoration. I really wanted popcorn for this one!

Blue Planet Live! with the NSO!
Not really an excerpt, but a compilation of sequences from multiple episodes. A “best of,” if you will. Some really stunning footage, and some troubling statistics. I think the film suggested that the northern polar cap may be gone in 50 years, and that there are fewer than 1000 blue whales remaining in the arctic waters. I think the presentation of the statistics were truthful but misleading – they don’t tell you, for example, that there are perhaps 10 times that number of blue whales across the world (still a troubling number, but not as dire as the film suggests). Also, they present footage of ocean-bottom critters living near volcanic vents – astounding footage! But again they mislead – they make it sound as if their explorations over the last several years discovered these surprising regions teaming with life – but I was learning about them in college more than 20 years ago.

A major annoyance: We were about seven seats away from a family with two small girls that kept talking throughout the performance. Not just a couple words every ten or fifteen minutes, but a continuous drone of “A fishy! A penguin!” This isn’t a Disney matinee. This is a symphony performance, and people are paying a bit more than $6 dollars a ticket. If you can’t keep your kids quiet, they shouldn’t be there.

Oklahoma at Toby's Dinner Theatre
I’m agree, Toby’s continues to provide really strong, fun performances, show after show. We’ve made it a habit of going to Sunday brunch performances – they serve champagne with your French toast and eggs! A minor bit of extra fun was that our waitress (the lead actress, as it turned out), was somewhat in character even as she offered coffee and tea, and told us we could help ourselves to the salad bar.

And I'm hoping they have meat pies on the buffet for Sweeney Todd!(That's their next show.)

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I really liked the Producers at the Toby.

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Oh that was FUN! I loved the typewriters scene "Unhappy"

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By the way, it's Tommy Steele in Happiest Millionaire, also Half a Sixpence and Finian's Rainbow

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D'oh! I should have known that.


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