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On my last entry I did the "best and worst pictures I have seen" and that isn't a fair assessment. Some of the so-called Best Pictures were not good movies (in my opinion; your mileage will probably vary). And some of the Razzie winners I think are good (and like Acroyear70, I wonder why in the world some weren't listed).

I'm only going to discuss ones that I have seen and can still remember.

  • Chariots of Fire - didn't get the hype then, haven't had any interest in seeing it again
  • Dances with Wolves - UGH, long, boring, pointless
  • Forrest Gump - in spite of the fact that I still sort of regret not auditioning for this one (I was asked to); what a sad SAD excuse for a movie. Some really good technical stuff, but *YAWN*
  • English Patient - didn't get the hype then, haven't had any interest in seeing it since
  • Brokeback Mountain - I wanted to like this as a movie but when the plot is not good and the 'good-guys' are all jerks with no sympathetic side... blech. Chicago would have gotten the same thing but at least the bad guys knew they were bad and it had some nice dancing

  • Annie
  • Wyatt Earp
  • Wild Wild West

Just because something isn't 'high theatre' doesn't mean its bad. I mean, Pirate Movie is camp but I think it is supposed to be. If it is that bad, why isn't "Scary Movie" and its friends on the list? Why is "Annie" deserving of ridicule but not "Chicago"?

For that matter, where is Talladega Nights? The Wedding Crashers? Either of the Harold & Kumar movies?

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